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Magic School Sim Kitori Academy Releases New Trailer

Make Friends, Mix potions, Cast Spells, Spend Time Witch Your Cat and Tend to Your Garden

Kitori Academy has gone through many changes since we’ve last reported on it. During today’s Guerrilla Collective 3 and Future of Play Direct, the developers at Cubenary showcased a new trailer for their magical life simulator. Live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your fluffy kitty spirit companion!

In school you’ll attend your garden of vegetables, catch and collect spell-creatures, learn to brew powerful potions, and craft charms. Outside of the academy, you can discover secrets, catch bugs, fish, forage, and cook.

Launching on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC in 2023

You can Wishlist the game on Steam here. Schedule your school courses now, because we have a lot of spells to cast and potions to brew already with Witchbrook.



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