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Lonefarm Gets Wonderfully Detailed New Trailer

The developer of Lonefarm has released an all new trailer for his upcoming beautiful farming/driving sim game.

For those that missed it, Lonefarm is a unique and aesthetically pleasing farming sim game that is currently in the works. It has all the classic features of a great farming game that we have come to know and love over the years, as well as a few unique features that help it stand out above the rest.

One such feature is the ability to take part in a driving sim with your VW Bulli to gather supplies at the nearest town. The game also happens to take place on a floating island in the middle of nowhere. Expect lots of wonderful goings-on in this charming indie game that is still in early development.

Lonefarm Trailer

About the trailer.

The new trailer gives us a closer look as to what the gameplay will be like. It shows a bit of the interior of your home, and some of the duties of your daily life. You get to see what it’s like to do some planting, as well as a bit of driving. But don’t let me spoil it all for you.

The trailer below has everything you need to know about this cute and endearing farming sim currently in the works by Roberto Ortiz.


New Lonefarm Trailer

For more information about this upcoming indie (which is still deep in development) you can view my coverage here, or you can visit the games official website.

Be sure to follow the developer on Twitter to stay up-to-date with the game as it is being developed.



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