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Little Sim World Is Getting Delicious With New Cooking Addition

The developers of Little Sim World just gave us a sneak peak at the next big feature!

Little Sim World is best described as Stardew Valley meets The Sims. This adorable indie game is being developed right in front of our eyes and you can already download the early version of the game and play along, as the small team behind the game adds more and more features almost weekly.

Today the team revealed a first screenshot showing off the ability to cook delicious meals. Following the large update just a little while ago that introduced hunger, thirst and more we can now finally look forward to getting busy in the kitchen!

Of course not many details have been shared just yet but the screenshot shared via Twitter reveals a look at the new job. Applying for a culinary excellence allows you to cook up various different dishes as seen in the image below!

Little Sim World Play Now!

Little Sim World is currently in development but you can already play the game now with many free updates nearly every week! If you want to join the fun take a peak right here.


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