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Lil Tribals – Make Friends And Build A Village

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Indie games are more often than not the hidden gems of gaming and Lil Tribals makes no exception. This indie title is all about making friends, building a community and creating your own village.

Lil Tribals is created by a tiny indie studio which consists of three passionate developers, Jesse Toyota, Jenny Luu and Shirley Tong. The indie title follows Bumi and Jamu who were left by themselves after a disaster struck that destroyed the surrounding villages. The two friends then decided to start building a whole new village to welcome all the people affected by the event.

This is where the story starts off and the player will have to create a whole new village for other characters to find a new home. You will need to gather resources and play a new village, that will hopefully become the new sanctuary for many new villagers to be recruited along the way.

The indie game already features many activities such as collecting resources, building, and even painting you very own tribal mask, a feature that reminds us of the clothing creation/painting tool in Animal Crossing: New Leaf – something we can pour hours into!


Lil Tribals is currently in Alpha, which is an early stage in the games development cycle. Many new features will be added going forward, and bugs can still be expected to be part of the game at this point. The developers have already made an early version available which you can start playing for free on PC today. The game also supports (and recommends) the use of a controller. Check out the cutesie gameplay trailer below and make sure to follow the developers on Twitter to stay up to date on Lil Tribals!

About Lil Tribals

After disaster struck the surrounding villages, the tribes were left without homes and searching for shelter. While searching for a new home, Bumi and Jamu discover a deserted campsite. Instead of leaving, they decide to start a new village, welcoming all the villagers without homes. It will take a lot of work, but maybe one day their little village will become something great.

A 3rd person village management game with city building, survival, and social elements. The game is currently in alpha, but provides the player with the core concepts:

  • Paint your mask!
  • Layout and build your village!
  • Recruit a variety of unique villagers and assign them roles!
  • Watch your villagers form relationships and engage in special events!

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    Lil Tribals – Make Friends And Build A Village