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Lemon Cake – Own The Cutest Bakery

The developer of Alchemy story has released an all new super cute game about restoring a rundown bakery.

Eloise Laroche is no stranger to making absolutely adorable indie games that are also relaxing and addicting. After personally getting to enjoy both Alchemy Story and Bunny Park, I am overjoyed to announce that Eloise released an all new game about restoring a bakery to its former glory, and making some pretty sweet treats along the way.

About Lemon Cake

As previously mentioned, Lemon Cake puts you in the role of a budding entrepreneur who takes on the task of restoring an old bakery. Like other restaurant simulation games, there will be a variety of different recipes for you to learn and master for your customers to enjoy.

Lemon Cake

The monies you make from said sweets will allow you to expand your operations with new equipment and more recipes to choose from.

You will also need to grow plants and tend to cows and chickens. This way, you will always have the freshest ingredients, including milk and eggs, to make your pastries the best in the land.

Lemon Cake

The more amazing recipes you learn, the more customers you will attract and the more popular your establishment will become. Just how “hot” will your bakery be? Only one way to find out explore Lemon Cake for yourself!

Lemon Cake Announcement Trailer

More info

Lemon Cake is now available on Steam, where there is also more info on this adorable indie game.

For more great games by Eloise Laroche, check out my coverage of Alchemy Story!

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    Lemon Cake – Own The Cutest Bakery