Get your tissue box ready, tearjerker game Last Day of June is coming to Nintendo Switch. Last Day of June is an interactive tale about love and loss. The game takes place in a beautiful setting, with breathtaking atmosphere. The game has been out on PC and Playstation 4 since last year, and has since then won over players hearts all around the world. The game has finally been announced and confirmed to arrive on Nintendo Switch this year.

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Last Day of June Features

A HEART-DRIVEN QUEST: Last Day of June is inspired by Steven Wilson’s haunting song “Drive Home.” Recreated as an interactive adventure, Last Day of June takes players on a profound and poignant journey.

POETRY IN MOTION: A true artistic innovation in visualizing a bittersweet story told through a welcoming, painterly world that showcases the beauty of life and love, but also the contradictions of loss.

EMPATHY THROUGH EXPERIENCE: Determined to save his beloved and fueled by the power of grief, Carl introduces players to June’s last day. But as they interact with the narrative, players will progress from viewer to a character deeply intertwined in the story.

FATE-ALTERING PUZZLES: Relive June’s last day by traveling back in time through her paintings in an attempt to change the results of the fateful and final drive home by solving emotionally challenging puzzles.

  • INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING: Carl and June’s story progresses at key moments where life-changing decisions need to be made, but players may need to navigate unintentional consequences that create new dilemmas – and potentially new opportunities.