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Lake – Relaxing Game About Being A Postal Worker In The 1980s

Drive through a beautiful landscape, deliver mail and meet unique people along your way.

Lake is an indie game that is guaranteed to bring you joy and relaxation in form of a fun and chill simulation game. Set in Providence Oaks in the beautiful state of Oregon long before cell phones and modern technology was invented, back in 1986. 

Lake – meet the many villagers

You step into the role of Meredith, a mail delivery woman where your job is to deliver mail to the town folks. You start your day by hopping into your small postal service truck and drive around in beautiful environments next to lakes and tall trees. 

As you start your routine you will stop at the cabins along the road and drop off mail and packages. As you approach the properties you may also encounter and meet the quirky, fun and unique people who populate the village. You will learn about the people you deliver mail to daily and eventually become a part of the community you serve.

Choices you make matter

As relaxing and laid back as the game is, choices you make actually effect the ending of your story. Lake features three different unique outcomes and these are entirely based on the choices you make throughout the game.


Lake Release Date

Lake The Game is now available on PC, via Steam where it is also currently on sale. It will also be available on Xbox One / Series X.


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