Kynseed is a sandbox RPG simulation with stunningly beautiful graphics. It is not dissimilar in appearance to Rakuen and Stardew Valley. The game allows you to make choices and therefore carve your own unique story. You even get to continue your legacy after your character’s death by stepping into the shoes of your descendants. That already should give you a good idea about the depth of the game. However the developers didn’t stop here and just announced some new and interesting changes coming to the wonderful world of Kynseed.

In a recent blog post the developers talked about upcoming changes that players of Kynseed can look forward to. Selling boxes will be added to the game. They will be added to Good Stores, which will result in each Good Store to have a specific item they may want – these can be sold for extra profit. Extra profit always sounds good!

Furthermore the developers announced more changes for NPCs. Players will soon be able to have a chat with the characters that fill the world. Besides some under the hood changes to further improve the game, a Mysterious Fae wanderer has been added to the game. With no much context to it, we will have to find out what this might be about.

Castle PixelCount the developers behind Kynseed also released a brand new early access trailer. If you haven’t played the game yet, this trailer might make you want to jump on the early access wagon here

The development team once again noted that Kynseed is in it’s early stage and a lot of content is planned to be released in the future. For more information on Kynseed, check out our preview here

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