Fans and bakers of Kynseed have long been waiting for this beautiful RPG to become available. From the people behind Fable comes a brand new experience. Kynseed is a sandbox RPG simulation with stunning graphics. It is not dissimilar in appearance to Rakuen and Stardew Valley. The game allows you to make choices and therefore carve your own unique story. You even get to continue your legacy after your character’s death by stepping into the shoes of your descendants. That already should give you a good idea about the depth of the game.

The developers have now finally released the closed beta. And while this might sound like that only a few people get the privilege of playing it, that is not entirely true. Fans who have baked the game last year have now access to the early version of the game. If you missed out on helping to fund the game, you can still opt in. For only $9 you will be granted access to the early beta version of Kynseed. If you want to hop on the wagon, head over here to get your key to Kynseed.

For more information on Kynseed, check out our preview here.

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