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Kumo: A Boy In The Clouds Continues To Soar

svgAug 6, 2019NewsRiver

More than 50% funded in under 5 days, it is clear that we aren’t the only ones excited about Kumo!

Kumo: A Boy In The Clouds is a beautiful and atmospheric story driven title that is being created by solo developer Benjamin Gregg at Tales Art Studio. Kumo is solo passion project that has soared to great heights and received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the indie community. With already being half way to the goal, there is no better time to help push Kumo to the finish, and get to be a part of this wonderful journey of discovery. Benjamin Gregg is a professional freelance environment and stylized artist who has been focusing his full attention on this charming yet emotional game for quite some time now.

Kumo Kickstarter Reveal Trailer

A Bit about Kumo: A Boy In The Clouds

Kumo is heartfelt story about a young boy trapped in limbo. He must solve puzzles and discover everything he can to gain a second chance at life. Kumo is a 3D exploration and puzzle RPG that takes some influence from Rime, as you’ll notice the protagonist also dawns a red cape. The game is full of varied and aesthetically pleasing environments, such as mysterious ancient ruins and daunting snowy mountains. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, we can expect a release in 2020 for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

More Information

You can find all the details you need on Kumo: A Boy In The Clouds, as well as get the opportunity to help this title become all it can be, by checking out their Kickstarter page here! You can also add this wonderful game to your Steam wishlist. And don’t forget to check out the official Kumo website.

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    Kumo: A Boy In The Clouds Continues To Soar