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Kitori Academy – A Cozy Life Sim

Witchery Academy is now Kitori Academy, and the game is looking amazing!

For those that may have missed it, Witchery Academy is an adorable little life sim that puts you in the role of a witch or wizard in training. You will be tasked with learning a wide array of amazing tricks, spells and potions; all while mingling with your peers and exploring the grounds.

You will even be able to go off campus to do a little resourcing for those precious ingredients needed to make your different potions. Seems like a lot to undertake, but you will not be doing it alone. Every witch or wizard will have their very own adorable companion to guide them along the way.

In recent events, the small development team working on Witchery Academy decided that the game would be much more suited with a different name; and have since changed it to Kitori Academy.

Witchery Academy

The developers have also launched a new website for the game to give fans an idea as to what all is going on behind the scenes of Kitori Academy development.


For more wonderful news from the indie community, you can team up with a friend to save an arcade in Button City, out now!

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