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Kind Words is the Sweetest Game You Will Ever Play

Kind Words is not your traditional game, it’s a game about kindness and letting go of fear or anything else that might put a burden on ones heart.

If you have ever felt down, scared or worried then that probably means you are a human. Kind Words is a game made for humans that allows you to anonymously talk about your feelings. In this game you can make request for a letter if you are just not feeling your best, or would like to ask for an advice.

Players around the world can then receive and respond to your requests with some Kind Words. The letters you will receive back are words of “comfort, sympathy or gentle advice”. This game is designed to create an uplifting community, where other real people help lift your spirit and you can help other people feel better as well. It is the balance of give and take that makes this game such a wholesome place.

King Words

When you send and receive letters, you will also start collecting stickers. Stickers can be used to decorate the letters that you send someone. Think of this as being similar to an expressive emoji you might have added to a text message or e-mail in your past. These stickers also come with a 3D printed toy that you can decorate your room with in the game.


Kind Words is currently in development and is scheduled to release on Steam on September 12th. If you want to support the developers you can already wishlist the game on Steam now.

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