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How To Visit Harv’s Island In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Harvey is an easy-going hippie-ish dog NPC. He first made an appearance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo, where he was in charge of the campground. Harvey returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where he has his own island which he refers to as Harv’s Island. Here he runs a ‘groovy’ photo studio called Photopia. You won’t be able to access his island straight away though, and will need him to invite you. Here’s how to visit Harv’s Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How To Get Harvey To Invite You To ‘Harv’s Island’

In order to get to Harv’s Island, you will need him to invite you. And for him to invite you, you will need him to visit your island.

Before he will visit, you will first need to have built Nook’s Cranny, and assisted Tom Nook in preparing three houses for new residents. Nook will require you to build a bridge, choose locations for each of the three houses, and then craft specific interior and exterior items for each house. Once you have submitted and placed all of the required items for each home, residents will start to move in. These residents will be random, unless you have invited characters from other deserted islands before finishing the construction of the homes.

After the third resident moves into one of the homes, Harvey will travel to your island. The free-spirited spaniel will wander around your island, so it may take a little bit of time to locate him. Upon speaking to him, he will compliment the rapid development of your island, which he was expecting to be deserted. He will then suggest that you visit his island.


You will then be able to visit his island by heading to the airport. Speak with Orville and select the ‘I wanna fly!’ option. When asked where you’d like to go, choose the ‘Visit Harv’s Island.’ option. Dodo Airlines will then fly you over to Harvey’s Island.

Harvey will be pleased to see you upon your arrival. He will explain his photo studio (which he calls ‘Photopia’) to you and allow you to use it.

What is Photopia?

Photopia (which also doubles as Harvey’s home) is a photo studio with six different sets in six different rooms.

You can decorate these sets using any furniture that you have in your Nook shopping catalogue.

Whilst you can’t take the items back with you, as they are solely props for the photo shoot, you can customize them any way you want to create a perfect set for your models.

You can have up to ten characters as models in your set. These can be any of the residents that live on your island, or you can use Photopia’s amiibo feature to summon other characters.

The models will be able to pose using the range of reactions that you have learnt.

Like with furniture, you will be also be able to access a catalogue of clothing. Here, you will be able to dress your models in any of the clothes that you have in the catalogue.

There are two different ways to take photos in Photopia. You can either use the screenshot button on your Nintendo Switch console, or by using the camera on your NookPhone.

If you are unclear about anything, Harvey is more than happy to explain to you how each element of Photopia works.


When you decide to return to your own island, you will receive a call from Harvey. He will explain that he forget to mention something to you. Harvey then elaborates on this and explains that he takes a portrait of every model summoned to Photopia.

He turns these into posters of the character, which can be purchased for 1,000 bells each from the Nook Shopping section of the Nook Stop terminal.

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