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Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers and Animal-Lovers

If you haven’t completed you holiday shopping yet, or would just like to get yourself something nice, I’ve got you covered here! If you’re an animal-lover and a gamer, below are cute gift ideas for both actual games and video game related merchandise. I’ve even separated the categories as follows: cats, dogs, foxes, fish, and birds!

Aside from the obvious games like Planet Zoo, there are many other indie games with a strong focus on said animals or where you get to be them as playable characters! I recommended my favorite things that you can purchase right now, along with other upcoming games you may want to keep an eye out for future gifts! Every game has animals but offers something vastly different from one to the other.


There’s just something about these furry feline friends that is so adorable! Below are some games where you can breed them, grow them (yes like plants), ride them (giant cats), and love them!

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Developed and published by Falcon Entertainment for PC, Mac and Linux (Steam here) on December 1st of 2017, the game has garnered very ‘paws-itive’ feedback since its release. Through the eyes of a cat, Cattails allows players to hunt for food, interact with other cats, gather herbs, and explore an expansive world. It’s also available now on the Nintendo Switch here for only $19.99.


This is the main hero from Cat Quest! A Dragonblood descending from a long line of dragon slayers, this yellow warrior must summon his pawsome power to defeat Drakoth and save his sister! The Cat Quest plush, officially licensed from Gentle Bros., is 10 inches tall and made with high quality soft minky. Buy it here for $24.99 and also receive a shiny pin!

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The following games are in the images below: Peace Island, Snacko, Mineko, Calico, Catadel.


Dogs are indeed lovable and loyal which makes them the perfect companion in games. Below are some games that allow you to cook with them (be them, not eat them), take photos of them, and make sure they get rescued and/or adopted!

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Food Pup Truck

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef is a cute mobile cooking and management game by Game Start. Prepare crepes in the cooking game and design your shop with furniture you like. You can dress up the adorable pixel dogs, too. There’s a Shiba Inu, a retriever, a beagle, and more. The game is now available on iOS and Android for free although if this is a gift, you may want to purchase a gift card for those in-app purchases. Shop on Amazon for an App Store card here or a Google Play card here.

This officially licensed mug from Ghost Town Games sports an adorable pattern that includes beloved Overcooked pooch Kevin! It also happens to pair nicely with the other cooking game with dogs above which is something I cleverly thought of just for you! Buy it here for $15.99 by DesignByHumans.

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The following games are in the images below: Pupperazzi, PHOGS, Best Friend Forever, To the Rescue, Old Friends Dog Sanctuary.


There’s a surprising amount of games with foxes in them, possibly because they are so majestic and make for a good character in a heartbreaking story. Below are some games that allow you to save the day or arcade with them, and wonder beautiful landscapes.

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Super Lucky's Tale

Super Lucky’s Tale is a charming 3D adventure and platforming game featuring a rambunctious little fox. It is currently available on Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, and PC.  You are set on a journey to help your sister protect the Book of Ages, a great book that contains entire worlds. The gameplay has been compared to that of Super Mario 64, and has delightful graphics that make the whimsical plot that much more fun.

This iconic Star Fox logo probably needs no introduction. It is printed in red on the front of this cool white and 100% Cotton officially licensed T-Shirt. Sizes range from Small to 2XL and is currently on sale from $18.32-$19.92 on Hot Topic here.

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The following games are in the images below: TUNIC, Button City, Endling, Me: A Tale of Paws & Leaves, Spirit of the North.


Well maybe I’m not talking about one particular species or type of fish, but some of you may enjoy owning a fish tank or go scuba-diving. There are many wonderful creatures to behold in the depths of an ocean whether you want to fish for them or preserve them. Below are some games for the fisherman to the explorer or conservationist!

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Megaquarium is a management tycoon game created by Twice Circled and Auroch Digital. Become an expert in aquatic life and run your very own theme park by managing tanks and staff all while keeping your fish and guests happy! Megaquarium was previously released on Steam in 2018 with very positive reviews. Now, Megaquarium is available on the Nintendo Switch, the PS4, and Xbox One for approximately $25. You can even check out my review of the game here if you aren’t sold yet!

Get a 2-pack pin set of Magikarp and Gyarados from the official Pokemon Center! The sizes are 7 x 3.8 x 0.3 inches and the price is $12.99. If you’re not within the US, find out how you can get this beautiful pins shipped to your country here.

Wishlist for Later

The following games are in the images below: Mythic Ocean, Reel Fishing, Flotsam, Trash Sailors, Jupiter & Mars.


Birds are cute, talkative, and can be downright silly which can brighten anyone’s day. Well except in the case of a particular goose that is. Below are some games all about singing, training, and performing or watching all sorts of activities as birds!

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Untitled Goose Game

This stealth game with a simple premise and slapstick humor created by House House, has recently become an internet sensation, memes and all. Thanks to the developers, I was able to play and highly recommend buying a copy on the Nintendo Switch, see review here, but you can also purchase the game on the Epic Games Store here for a steal!

These officially licensed Untitled Goose Game socks, made in the USA and of 100% cotton, can be purchased on the developer’s website here for $20. Description is as follows: ” Soft, warm socks with eyes, these foot-protectors have a secret double life: they’re also stunningly lifelike hand puppets! Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Hands or feet: it’s your choice!”

Wishlist for Later

The following games are in the images below: Songbird Symphony, Toripon, Skatebird, KeyWe, Falcon Age.

Haven’t found anything you’re interested in yet? Check out my other article here for Nintendo Switch games, accessories, and more! You should probably take a look at the adorable kitty paw prints grips while you’re there.



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