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Hokko Life To Get Farming Update Soon

The developer of Hokko Life just announced that the farming update for the game is just around the corner.

For anyone who is not familiar with Hokko Life yet, it is an Animal Crossing inspired indie game that aims to capture the cuteness of the beloved village simulator but it also adds a whole lot of new fun features such as an in-depth customization tool to create your very own furniture designs from scratch

Hokko Life Furniture Designs

The game takes a lot of inspiration from Animal Crossing but also includes the charm and farming elements from games like Stardew Valley. Hokko Life is not just a copy of either of those games as it re-invents many of the beloved features and adds tons of new stuff to explore at the same time.

Now that the game is available in Early Access on Steam, you can give the game a try for yourself. However, the game is still going through some polishing (hence the EA). Everyday the developer is working on making the game smoother and more….well, complete. To that end, he has just announced that the farming update for the game will release in July of this year.

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