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Harvest Moon: One World New Trailer

Nintendo has released an all new “explore a world of adventure” trailer for Harvest Moon: One World.

The newest iteration in the Harvest Moon series is getting super close to its launch date on March 2nd, 2021. In an effort to further entice all the fans waiting on the new game, Natsume has released an all new video showing off some gameplay from the new game. Get a close up look at farming, searching for wisps, fishing, and just generally exploring the all new world that is darned near within arms reach.

About One World

Harvest Moon One World follows the success of Harvest Moon Light of Hope, the game received mediocre review scores but eventually became a best selling game and offered plenty of charm as we came to expect and love from Harvest Moon titles.

In One World the player will be able to discover friendly already known and new faces in the local town. However, this time around you can travel outside of your village and discover new places and people from all around the world. 

Harvest Moon: One World Adventure Trailer

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