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Harvest Moon Mad Dash First Details Revealed

Natsume has shared some insights on its next game. Harvest Moon Mad Dash is a spin off the original Harvest Moon game. While recent Harvest Moon farming games have received mixed review from fans, Harvest Moon Mad Dash promises to delight fans who enjoy co-op puzzle games much in the realm of Overcooked and other similar games.

At its core Harvest Moon Mad Dash is a color matching puzzle game, but there is a lot more to it, to make it stand out against other puzzle games. At the beginning of each round the playing field will be populated with two or more different types of crops. The player must find clever ways to combine these crops into a square. Once a player achieves this goal the flowers will blossom and become even bigger crops. Going even further to combine these bigger crops into a square, the player will be able to harvest these crops for points.

Harvest Moon Mad Dash

The games visuals are cute, and a farming puzzle game seems like a lot of fun! Early feedback from players who enjoyed the game at E3 have been positive. We are excited to get to try Harvest Moon Mad Dash later this year!

Harvest Moon: Mad Dash launches this fall for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and it will retail for $29.99.


If you are curious to learn more about the split between Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons and its entire history, head over here.




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