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Half Past Fate Quirky Romantic Life Sim

Half Past Fate is a romantic narrative-adventure game about three relationships that form either over the span of eight hours or eight years.

Half Past fate is one of those games that take you on an emotional journey and is engaging in ways you wouldn’t neccasarily expect from a video game.

In this heartwarming indie game you witness how 6 people find each others over the span of 8 years. Take part in and loving story and and develop meaningful relationships with the people you meet throughout the game.

Quirky Little Adventures

Half Past Fate is not only romantic and emotional but also quirky, not everything is being taken very seriously as not only will you follow loving relationships but you will also eat spicy ramen and finally find out the difference between black and green tea!

Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam

Half Past fate is currently available for wishlisting on Steam right here. It is also coming to Nintendo Switch as soon as March 12th! Check out some new gameplay for the game below.

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