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Guildlings A World Filled With Wizards And Kindness

Guildlings is a story driven RPG game where you user kindness and magic to overcome any obstacle.

Magic, Wizards and a world filled with mysterious characters always sounds good to me and that is exactly what Guildlings is trying to capture. The adorably handcrafted world is just so pleasant to the eye that it makes me keep wanting to explore every single area.

The game currently available on Apple Arcade ( the Netflix for mobile games on Apple devices ) features a a wide array of things to do. You can interact with various people you meet on your journey using what appears to be a text message based communication system much like… well texting on your phone!


Magic powers are tied to your mood!

Where Guildlings really shines is how it mixes conversations with villagers, exploration and the light and fluffy combat together. As you play in your team the happier your mates are the easier your adventure will be. But be prepared that sometimes drama occurs when you least expect it!


Open doors and solve puzzles with a tap of your finger using your magic powers. If Guildlings sounds fun to you I strongly recommend checking it out on Apple Arcade.

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    Guildlings A World Filled With Wizards And Kindness