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Grabimals – Connect Shapes With Faces Together to Solve Puzzles

This 3D cooperative (1-4 players) physics-based puzzler is about using your adorably tiny hands to connect with your friends and create new shapes. When playing it in single-player mode, you can swap between pieces. Grabimals, developed by SAD & SON, will be releasing sometime in 2020 for PC and Nintendo Switch.

As you can see from the images below, there are 6 different puzzle types you may encounter while playing. There’s the Gap where you’ll need to become a bridge, the Build where you form an object like a chair, the Ride where the example is trying to stay on a mechanical bull, the Shadow where you’ll be recreating shapes via your shadows, the Catch where you grab and hold objects, and Play which looks like a fun Jenga party!

About Grabimals

Grabimals merges the concept of building and playing into a brand new experience where players control a party of unique creatures and connect them together to solve a wide variety of puzzles.

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