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Good Pizza, Great Pizza Finally Baking On Nintendo Switch

Run your own pizza restaurant in Good Pizza, Great Pizza now finally coming to Nintendo Switch.

Cooking simulation games are all the buzz right now. From Cooking Mama to Waku Waku Sweets, it’s a great way to get inspiration for your kitchen while having a great time with your Nintendo Switch. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a pizza restaurant simulation game that will give you the chance to run your own successful (or maybe not) pizza restaurant.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza was set to release on Nintendo Switch back in July but that mysteriously never happened. The developers now finally provided a definitive release date for the game on Nintendo Switch.

If you can’t wait to open your own restaurant and make a bunch of delicious pizza pies, you are in luck! Good Pizza, Great Pizza will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop on September 3rd. If you pre-order the game you even get a 20% discount on the already very affordable simulation game.

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