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Golf With Your Friends Getting New Goodies

Team17 has purchased the full rights to Golf With Your Friends, and have promised to bring new content to the game.

For those that haven’t tried this hellishly wacky eSports title, Golf With Your Friends is not the type of game that you boot up for a relaxing romp around the course with friends. No, no. This is one golfing title that will surely require you to bring your a-game, and then some. Golf With Your Friends is tumultuous golfing game which brings creative and mostly frustrating obstacles to an already challenging sport.

Recently, the publishers of Golf With Your Friends have decided to purchase the full rights to the game, giving them complete control over the future of the title. The CEO mentions in her statement regarding the acquisition, ” GWYF is the type of IP we believe is right for ownership, it is successful and proven but still at the start of its journey.”

So surely we can still expect a lot more intricate courses and kooky obstacles, character customizations and club upgrades, as Golf With Your Friends continues to grow under the care of Team17.

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