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Garden Paws Update – Be an Animal and Tame Animals

Garden Paws is a farming simulation game where you can grow crops, run your own shop, tame animals, rebuild the town, go spelunking in the caves, and much more. You can get all the details about the game in our previous article here. We here at myPotatoGames wanted to catch you up on what we think are the most exciting new features. This includes one of our favorite mythical creatures, unicorns, which have been added as a legendary mount. If you thought being an animal yourself was cute enough, well now you can tame and have more pet animals on your farm as well!

Taming Animals

You can now tame every animal that you see and give them a home on your farm which will yield rewards. Newer animals have also been added along with the capability of feeding them their favorite food which is displayed above their heads.

Let’s start with the Fox. The Fox can be found in the forest area and can be tamed with Small Fish. You need to pick up a Forest Animal Habitat from Roman the Blueprint Vendor and give the fox a nice home for it to stay with you. Once you have the fox tamed you can visit it every day to collect some fish, or some poop.

Next up, the Ferrets! The Ferrets are something Kristina, the designer of the game, really wanted to add since she grew up with them. Simply purchase the Ferret Habitat and grab some wool and you can head off to start taming these little ones. The ferrets can be found on one of the southern islands, or in the ruins. Once you’ve got them tamed they’ll collect all Fiber, Wool, Fur, Feathers and Eggs in the area!


Last but not least, the Dung Beetles! Once you have collected 100 poop you’ll be able to build a Dung Beetle Habitat (it’s stinking cute!) and craft some Beetle Feed. Beetles tamed and in their habitat will start collecting all the poop within the area the next day! The beetles come in 6 color variations, and if you choose to pursue the Beetle Mania achievement and tame 100 beetles, the Legendary Beetle will have a chance to spawn! This Gold Legendary Beetle is even a mount and can be ridden around the map!

Legendary Animals

The unicorn has a 1% chance to spawn every day, when you see the rainbow you’ll know it’s out there, somewhere. However, you’ll only be able to tame the unicorn when you have some Legendary Feed. You can get that by activating another Legendary to spawn. (Don’t worry the fastest legendary to trigger is just by collecting 100 poop.) The Unicorn, like all legendary creatures, is a little bit faster than regular mounts and a little more legendary.

Kahuna Chicken and Big Bunny can be found roaming the islands. Once you prove your worth as a tamer of that animal type that is, you’ll be able to find them in the wild. Certain achievements also have to be met.

New Animals

  • Arctic Fox (doesn’t show up every season)
  • Black Cat (tamed with fish)
  • Mountain Goat (tamed with Hay)
  • Black Horse (Roaming the lands)
  • Pigs and Piglets (Poppy’s Shop)
  • All sheep can be tamed (Black, White and Pink)
  • New Black Bear variation (tamed with Honey)
  • You can tame the Deer

More Coops and More Barns

A buildable barn has been added in this most recent update and therefore you can now raise more animals! You’ll receive the blueprint in the mail your first winter and start building barns that hold up to 4 animals! If you need some Hay there’s a blueprint for a Drying Rack to turn Tall Grass into Hay. Same goes for the coops so you can house more Legendary Chickens! Once you build the max level coop you’ll receive a Chicken Coop Blueprint to start building your own coops. Each coop will hold 6 Chickens or Ducks, and you can build as many of them as you’d like.

Creative Mode

To test out this new feature, the developers held many socials for their community online such as dance parties and trampoline jump puzzles. Now that Garden Paws has larger server sizes, you can do your own 10 Player Creative Server. In Creative Mode, you’ll instantly unlock all the items and you are able to build anywhere and everywhere. There’s no town and no quests, just room for you to roam.

New Items and Furniture Sets

Garden Paws has 2 new furniture sets amounting to over 30+ new items between them. The Heverli Set includes: a hot tub, beach umbrella, lounge chairs and a canopy. The Crystal Garden Set, which has lots of intertwining wood pieces decorated with leaves and crystals, is to give you an enchanted forest vibe.

With the new Seed Bundle Station, you can now combine 4 seeds and 1 Fertilizer to create a Large Seed Bundle. When planting this seed bundle you’ll notice it looks a little bit larger than other crops. This Super Crop will yield a seed when harvesting, and you’ll have a chance to find a Seed Mystery Box.

There are still many more additions to the game as it continues to receive large updates every couple of weeks or so. If you want the full low-down you can check out Bitten Toast Games’ Steam updates and news here.



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  1. I know they don’t mean such a thing by it, but the idea of BEING an animal while ‘taming’ other animals and domesticating them to live with you and possibly give you things or do things for you….it’s really, really weird, lol. Like you’re hypnotizing and enslaving them ,or something. Like, imagine a human ‘taming’ other humans who will then come live with them and so on, lol. It just…sounds really weird, heh.

    1. Point taken! However, as the bipedal player character you do talk and have a higher conciousness like a human ????. Perhaps we can see it as the Animal Crossing villagers who wear clothes and talk but aren’t pets/wild animals.

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