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Garden Paws Spring Festival – All 20 Easter Egg Locations

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If you haven’t yet heard of Garden Paws, it’s a farming simulation RPG created by Canadian indie developers Bitten Toast Games. We here at myPotatoGames have been playing the game on Steam but you’ll also be able to play the content-complete version on the Nintendo Switch December 2019. This game has been one of our favorites this year if you want to check out our previous review.

Spring 15 Easter Egg Hunt

We’ve given you a list of tips for beginners, and now we’d like to share with you all of the Easter Egg locations in the town of Florens, including screenshots. Spring will be the first season you start with and every single year on Spring 15, Ester comes to town with the most amazing of prizes! If you’ve played through several years, like us, and get excited every time Spring comes along but you can’t quite find all of the eggs, well this is the guide for you! However, if you haven’t unlocked every new villager in Florens so far, know that there may be spoilers ahead.

If you want to try and find them on your own, you have until the end of Spring to do so but know that if you find all 20 eggs before, Ester will give you a bonus 10 Tickets! You’ll also want to do this all in a day or two as there is no indicator of which egg you found and haven’t yet found. There is an in-game achievement tracker but it only displays the amount you’ve found. Keep all of the eggs in your inventory (which you’ll probably need to expand at least once) and open all of your eggs at the same time.

Some eggs are rarer than others and will contain better randomized prizes as well as some Tickets. These prizes alone are worth the effort but on top of that, once you’ve collected enough Tickets, you can trade for select Easter-related prizes. You’ll probably need to save up and try again next year for the bigger prizes. Now onto the hidden Easter Egg locations!


All 20 Easter Egg Locations

  • At the town gate, on the other side of Charlie, inside a wood bush.
  • Climb inside the walled part of the town’s gate, go past the treasure chest to the other open edge.
  • Hidden inside one of Malu’s cabbages behind their stall. Malu is the one that sells cloth.
  • Go to Boris, the one that sells backpacks and storage upgrades, and find the egg directly behind their stall.
  • Next to some crates directly behind Abby’s stall. Abby is the one that sells crops.
  • Inside a Plant Fiber near Ester. Go past Ester and just beyond the first tree near the hill at the bottom where there are stones.
  • Inside of the well in the middle of the town square.
  • Inside a Plant Fiber just behind Miller’s wheat farm. You may not have unlocked Miller yet so go near the pond at the second cave in the town.
  • Inside the town’s first mining cave, go to the left next to a torch you can light. Nestled in between a giant pointed stone and two other little ones (inside the inner edge of the pond) is where you’ll find the egg.
  • Inside the exact same cave, jump on either the minecart or the lower stones to get to the very top right-hand corner above a tunnel entrance that you cannot enter.
  • Inside the pond on the opposite side of the Plant Fiber cave entrance in town. You may not yet have a dock there yet but you can see the egg submerged underwater inside some seaweed.
  • In the same pond area in town, jump on top of the stones to the Plant Fiber cave entrance. The egg is a bit hidden by the grass.
  • Go directly behind the Mayor’s house (next to Beltran) which is on a bit of a hill. The image below may look a little different if you haven’t upgraded their home to the Town Hall. Either way, it will be in the middle near the sign on the wall,
  • There’s an unused red-roofed home right across from Beltran, the town’s Blacksmith, Go to the back where there’s a door and find the egg under the steps next to a large tree,
  • If you don’t yet have the Wanderer and his house/Museum, you’ll want to climb one of the tallest hills in town close to Mr. Jones. It’s inside one of the Plant Fiber bushes just below the highest point on the side facing Mr. Mooney.
  • Inside the closest water bucket behind Mr. Jones and in his chicken coop. You can jump over the fence where it’s lowest or stand on something to glide over.
  • Right next to Mr. Jones’ house in the front there are two buckets and a barrel. The smallest bucket has the egg inside.
  • Inside Mr. Mooney’s barn area there are three stacks of hay next to the entrance. You’ll find the egg wedged in between there.
  • Across from Mr. Mooney on the beach facing some islands, you’ll find an egg under a bench.
  • Go all the way back around to Frank’s little balcony at the back of his house. You’ll need to climb the hill next to them to either glide or do very well-timed jump to be able to reach this egg.

Trading Tickets for Easter Prizes

Now you’ve found all of the Easter Eggs in Garden Paws! The prizes range in Ticket prices (10, 25, 75, etc) for the following items: several skins for your character, different colored bunnies (i.e. purple) for your habitats, balloons you can hold or use as decoration, decorated egg-shaped storage items, an egg tree, a bird bath, a large egg centerpiece, several aprons and crowns/hats, and a large blue flower fountain.

We hope this guide was helpful to you and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave us a comment! Next time we’ll be making a post about the newly added Summer Festival which includes several mini-games and summer prizes! Save up your coins because you’re going to need them!


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