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Garden Paws Is Indeed Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Garden Paws will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sooner than later.

One of my favorite adorable life SIM games, Garden Paws, has been growing and changing all the time. I have even had the chance to get my hands on it personally, and I absolutely love it. I have noticed, however, that when I share what I know about this wonderful title, I always get the same question; when is Garden Paws coming to the Nintendo Switch?

The most recent information given in regards to the Switch port was a release of sometime in December of this year, 2019. That means it should be just in the corner. To be doubly sure, I have now reached out to the developers to get more clarification on the matter, and possibly a more solid date.

Garden Paws Switch

For those of you that missed out on this super charming game, you can view some of my coverage to find out more. The most recent update, ten things you might not know, and even a review of the title are available here. Keep an eye on MPG to find out what the developers have to say about a more solid date.

Garden Paws Steam Trailer

For up to date information on the game, be sure to follow the official Twitter account. For more info on the game as well as a chance to play it for yourself, visit the Steam page.



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