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Garden Paws Coming Soon To Switch

The developers of Garden Paws recently announced that they are making headway for the Switch launch of their game.

Since its release on PC, players have been absolutely head over heals for Garden Paws. It is a farming and life sim game that has charm to beat the band. Not only that; it also contains just about every feature you could hope for in a farming sim game.

With the successful release on Steam, the developers have decided that it is time to bring their game to the (imo) best console currently on the market, the Nintendo Switch. The devs recently mentioned in a Tweet that they have been making great progress toward their Switch release.

In the Tweet the developers mention that there is a good chance that Garden Pals will release on Switch this month, August 2021. For those that are just discovering the game, and would like to know more, you can find everything you need on their Steam page (don’t forget to wishlist while there).

For more great news from the farming sim genre, My Time At Portia will soon be getting a free content update.



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