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Garden Of Magic Mushroom – Farming And Fairy Adventure

Garden of Magic Mushroom is a combination of farming simulator and adventure fun.

Farming simulation games have long been popular with the Stardew Valley community still going strong many years after its initial release. No wonder that we are seeing so many wonderful farming games come to life.

Garden of Magic Mushroom puts a little bit of a different spin on the much beloved farming sim genre. In this game you find yourself in a fairy like world. As you begin the game you will meet your Grandpa which is going to play a big role in your adventure.

You will help your loving Grandpa restore the beauty of the island you are living on. In doing so, many new and old inhabitants will return to the island.

As you embark your very own fairy adventure you can participate in many activities such as catching butterflies, cutting down trees, cleaning up the environment, exploring a magical mushroom island and so much more.


Garden of Magic Mushroom Release Date

There is no exact release date for the game just yet but you can already wishlist it on Steam.

For more adventure fun, make sure you take a peak at Sun Haven a farming and adventure game.


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