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Game About Japanese Rural Life Gets Adorable Puppies, Release Window And More

Japanese Rural Life is an adorable life simulation game where you get to experience the country side of Japan.

For anyone who missed the announcement of this game, Japan has become the status symbol for everything cute and adorable ( at least in the Animal Crossing World ) and this title made by a small indie development team known for Food Truck Pup is now making a life simulation game about Japanese Rural Life!

Woof! Doggies coming to Japanese Rural Life!

Today the small team revealed a little bit of gameplay footage and with it comes the surprise addition of a little puppy! In Japanese Rural Life you will be able to adopt and care for a little doggy and the best thing? It follows you around as you explore the country side!

But in order to have your pup follow you everywhere you go, you will have to share some love with your furry friend by feeding treats and of course giving the doggy a good petting every now and then! Take a peak at the clip below!

More Japanese Rural Life Details

The developers have also shared a first look at a huge collection of the items available in the game.


Of course a good life simulation game needs. descent collection of items to craft, collect and interact with!

If you want to know more about this game including confirmed features like Farming, Fishing and other activities make sure to take a look at my previous coverage of the game!

Japanese Rural Life is currently still in development, the developer had announced a release date for this summer, although fall has started we could still be looking at an imminent release of the game!

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