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First Neon Yellow Joy-Con Unboxing Released

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]intendo has announced a new JoyCon color a few weeks ago. In addition to a new color there will also be a battery pack allowing a longer playtime with your joy-con controller. All other announcements from the that Nintendo Direct can be found right here. Below is the first unboxing video of the Neon Yellow Joy-Con. The first new color since the launch of the Nintendo Switch will be available this summer.


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  1. I have mine pre-ordered. I have the Gray Switch, and want to expand into the colors. I don’t want the full set of Joy-Con sin a single color: I actually prefer the asymmetrical color look. I’ll likely eBay one of the yellow with one of my gray in case someone with a Red & Blue switch wants to have only one of each color too.

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