Fantasy Life Online has seen several delays as we reported earlier, but the game finally released in Japan last year back in July as an open beta first. Level-5 has been very quiet about a western release of the popular mobile game. Though the company did reveal that other Japanese only games such as Professor Layton and The Snack World are indeed getting an English version. However, we have some brand new Fantasy Life Online footage with an English translation.

Thanks to reddit user Jarop, we can enjoy a bunch of Fantasy Life Online footage in English! Learn about the game, or find out how to play the Japanese version with the help of his videos.

Jarop revealed that there are currently 12 jobs in the game. Much in the fashion of previous Fantasy Life titles on Nintendo 3DS, players will be able to master any of the jobs – cooking, hunting, crafting will all be part of the selection. Fantasy Life Online also features multiplayer where up to 4 friends can team up to explore the world together.

The mobile game has been extremely popular in Japan with recent content updates making it an ever playground for any fans of the series. Players can now even customize their own town.

For more information on Fantasy Life Online check out or previous coverage on the game. We have reached out to Level-5 for some more information on a possible western release of the game.

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