Fantasy Life Online formerly known as Fantasy Life 2 is the sequel to the popular RPG for Nintendo 3ds. The game is set to release for iOS and Android in April 2017 in Japan, and Summer 2017 in North America. Level5 the developer behind the game has released some more details along with some new screenshots!

The developer has apologized for the recent delay of the game. They are working hard on getting the multiplayer aspect of the game right. Furthermore Level 5 mentioned they are working on the graphics as well. The goal is to deliver high quality 3d assets to assure they meet the high standard the fans are used to. They have also announced some more information on the gameplay itself.

The most beloved and favorite features from the 3DS version will most likely make it into the mobile version as well. You will be able to select from many professions such as cook, fisherman, carpenter and many more.

-You will be able to share your village with your friends Online.
-The graphics will be more refined, Fantasy Life Online will feature a beautiful 3D look.
-You will be able to play Online anywhere with your cellphone connection, no wifi required.
-Trading equipment, tools, food etc. and other goodies with your friends will be possible.
-There will be community events you can participate in to win rare items and other rewards.

The game will be free to download from the iTunes and Android store in April 2017. North American fans will have to wait a little longer with a release expected in summer 2017. Keep checking back for more information on Fantasy Life Online for iPhone and Android! 


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