Exclusive Tumbleseed Multiplayer Update – Only On Nintendo Switch


Today, a new game by the name of Tumbleseed graces the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. This downloadable title was made by a small dev team and they seem to have made something unique. This game is a rogue like and really prides in that arcadey feel that comes with it. The path to the top is randomly generated every time you play. Now the developers released a brand new update to the game exclusivly on the Nintendo Switch. Players who enjoy the game on Nintendos latest console, will now be able to enjoy a new Tumbleseed multiplayer mode, added to the game for free.

Furthermore the game has recently gone on sale on the eShop and is now available for only $9.99. If you are on the fence whether you should add the game to your library or not, we recommend checking out our in depth review of Tumbleseed right here. With the newly added multiplayer, and the reduced price of $9.99 we feel this is a great time to get the game!

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