Dreams is the latest game by Media Molecule, the creators of the much beloved Little Big Planet, and Tearaway series. The game has seen several delays, but during the latest stream the developers announced that the Dreams Beta will finally kick-off no later than tomorrow, December 19th! 

Subscribers to the studios newsletter will have first dips, with everyone else being able to play and test the Dreams Beta on January 8th. As of right now there is still a possibility to sign up for the newsletter here, and hopefully start playing the Dreams Beta tomorrow. 

In Dreams the players can create pretty much anything. Much like the level editor in Little Big Planet, the tools provided in Dreams given have an endless amount of options where you can even explore, experience and play in the limitless imagination of players around the world in a multiplayer world. 

Check out the latest trailer of Dreams below. The game will release as a Playstation 4 exclusive sometime in 2019.