[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ragon Quest XI is one of the most anticipated video games on Nintendo Switch. Square Enix developer behind the game has recently released a new gameplay trailer. The developer has also taken a moment to reconfirm the Nintendo Switch version of the game, and assured that Dragon Quest XI would still be released on Nintendos latest console as well as the Nintendo 3DS this year.

The latest news comes from the Japanese Jump magazine. According to the magazine, there will be Casinos in the game, where players can gamble. Slot machines, roulette and more will be part of this establishment. There will also be horses races inside the game. Not only will you be able to bet on a horse, but you can actually participate in the horse race yourself.

dragon quest XI

Square Enix has also recently started offering a free upgrade for Dragon Quest X players on the Wii U. Find out if you qualify for the free upgrade right here. If you want to watch some stunning Dragon Quest XI gameplay footage, you can do so here.

Dragon Quest XI is set to release for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS on July 29th. The Nintendo Switch Version will be release later this summer.

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