Dragon Quest Builder 2 is getting a big and beautiful update tomorrow, Jan. 31st. The update gives us access to a whole new island, as well as fresh character personalities, some little bug fixes and much more! DQB2 has been quite an enjoyable sequel, and appears to have only begun its expansion on the original installment.

For more in depth information about the game, please check out our original article about Dragon Quest Builders 2! For more details about tomorrows update, simply continue reading THIS article. The update includes:

Cultivation Island

– A new island to build
– After you reach the end of the story, the protagonist will have become able to make lots of things and Vacant Island will have become cramped
– Luckily, the ship captain discovered an area of the ocean where a mysterious island called Cultivation Island exists
– On its unexplored lands, building will begin anew
– You can choose the environment type of Cultivation Island yourself
– Freely build in environments that do not exist on Vacant Island

What is Cultivation Island

– It is an island for building
– You can save on Cultivation Island
– After the game ends (when the word “Clear!” is attached to “Continue” on the title screen), you can go to Cultivation Island from Vacant Island
– The environment of Cultivation Island can be chosen from the unlocked Material Island environments
– The island’s shape is random
– You can only choose one Cultivation Island at a time
– In order to choose a new Cultivation Island, you must part with your current Cultivation Island
-The Builder Heart is not used to unlock Cultivation Island
– You can bring items to and take items back from Cultivation Island (excluding some items)
– Cultivation Island will be updated in the future with the following developments: you will be able to bring your comrades to Cultivation Island; you will be able to play multiplayer on Cultivation Island; you will be able to update the Cultivation Island terrain on the Bulletin Board; and more

Character Personalities Enhanced

– The conversational repertoire with characters has increased
– Pay attention to the thoughts of those who build alongside you and the characters’ new information
– They might even share a room recipe
– Perhaps you will get to see a surprising side of the island dwellers

Erdrick’s Talisman: An Item That Makes Monsters Go Away

– Monsters will not appear on reclaimed land where the “Erdwick’s Talisman” item is placed, which can be made after the end of the story
– If you place it somewhere other than reclaimed land, like the temple where Shirojii can be found, the effect will spread across all of Vacant Island
– Make Erdrick’s Talisman on the Vacant Island Workbench
– With Erdrick’s Talisman, you can focus all your attention on building

Take “Clear” Photographs

– A “Clear” command has been added to “Photography” mode’s camera controls
– This can be used to get rid of fog
– The “Clear” command is useful when shooting scenery and giant structures


Type Added to Builder Tool Switching Settings

– A new type has been added for the button allocation of Builder Tools controls / item controls
– You can change it from System > Settings > Builder Tool Switching

…Plus Bug Fixes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is currently available on Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. A western release is planned for this year. If you can’t wait you can still grab up the previous Dragons Quest Builders for only $15.98 right here.

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