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Don’t Starve Together: Salty Dog Update

svgOct 3, 2019Quick BitsRiver

Dont Starve Together: Return of Them gets the Salty Dog update!

Don’t Starve Together is definitely one of my favorite survival games on the market. All things considered, nothing quite compares to the super fun and spooky art style combined with the seemingly endless combinations of environment and enemies.

The Dont Starve Together: Return of Them and Turn of Tides updates brought lots of new goodies to add much more playtime! Now, with Salty Dog, we are getting an all new ingredient to help slow the rotting of food, Seasoning Salt. You will be able to mine this from salt formations.

There is also a new monster to watch out for, the Malbatross! This over-sized terror bird will will dampen anyones day with its presence, that’s for sure. Like we needed another baddie to make these treacherous waters even worse….

Salty Dog Trailer

For more details about the update, you can check out the details given from the developers forum. And don’t forget to follow the developer on Twitter, if you don’t already.


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