Don’t Starve is one of the quirkiest, and most fun survival games out there. In Don’t Starve Together you team up with your friends to build camp, grow food, and explore the wild world with your companions and hopefully avoid starving… together. 

Klei announced that Don’t Starve Together would receive further updates coming in 2019. In a recent press release they announced “The team is now working on brand new content for Don’t Starve Together. Survivors will be able to travel to new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more. ” Players can expect to explore whole new areas and enemies in future updates of the game.

Furthermore the company stated “We are working hard on keeping the console versions of the game up to date. ” This will ensure that console versions of the game will receive the updates as soon as PC players get them as well, or shortly thereafter. 

Don’t Starve is currently available on Nintendo Switch, however the multiplayer version of Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Together is currently only available on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. 

Don’t Starve Together Update Plans

We’re excited to announce our plans for Don’t Starve Together in 2019, which are extensive!

Brand New Content

The team is now working on brand new content for Don’t Starve Together. Survivors will be able to travel to new lands with new biomes, creatures, and more.

The first drop of this new content will come in mid-April, and we will continually be adding to the content every couple months afterward. As we said before, we think it’s important that everyone can play together and we don’t segregate our audience, so all of this content will be available for free to everyone!

Character Ability Revamps

The team also felt it was high time we gave our core cast some love (yes, we heard you). Over the course of the next year, we will be bestowing every character with revamped abilities, and give a glimpse into their backstory. Our goals here are to make each character unique, interesting and valuable in their own right and we expect this to be game changing in many ways.

New Characters Enter the Fray

A fresh batch of four characters have been unwittingly ensnared and brought into the world. These new survivors will be released into the wild starting in Mid-March, and a new one will be released every 2 months.

Console Development, Twitch Drops & More!

There’s lots more to read in the full update notes. In short, we are significantly increasing our support of Don’t Starve Together in 2019 with new game content, character refreshes, new stories to be told, new characters, and new skins.

Thanks so much for playing this crazy game, once again. We’re still amazed at how it’s evolved over the years. Please give us your feedback and thoughts!

Check out the full announcement with all the details right here

Source: Klei PR / Klei Forums

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