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Disney Dreamlight Valley Pre-Orders Now Available

Restore the Magic, Garden, Fish, and More

Disney and Pixar characters once lived in harmony in picturesque Dreamlight Valley. That is, until the Forgetting happened. Memories were severed by the growth of Night Thorns, and the inhabitants were left with nowhere to go. Feeling hopeless and lost, they locked themselves inside Dream Castle.

Now, it’s your job to return that magic to Dreamlight Valley. Play as a unique, customizable character. Spend your time gardening, cooking, fishing, and so much more. Embark on an adventure to restore the magic to Dreamlight Valley. Unlock the doors of the Dream Castle to return the characters to their homes. Forge friendships with characters and experience their rich backstories. Discover secrets as you complete quests, and earn rewards. You will even be able to design your own home and design the valley however you wish!

Early Access Available November 6th

Dreamlight Valley will be free-to-play when it releases in 2023. Early Access opens November 6th, but that isn’t free. However, players can choose from three Early Access packs: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition.

Standard Edition will include 2 wearable items, 9 furniture items, 3 design motifs, and 8,000 moonstones currency.


Deluxe Edition will include all Standard Edition cosmetic items, plus 10 decoration items, the Celestial Sea Turtle companion, 7 wearable items, the Deluxe Jersey and matching Mickey Mouse Donut Headband, 3 design motifs, and 14,500 moonstones currency. 

Ultimate Edition will include all Standard and Deluxe Edition cosmetic items, plus 15 decoration items, the Royal Fox companion, 2 wearable items, the Ultimate Jersey and matching Mickey Mouse Donut Headband, 3 design motifs, and 20,000 moonstones currency. 

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