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Dinkum Is A Feature Rich Animal Crossing Inspired Game

Dinkum let’s you play with friends in an Australian inspired outback island.

Dinkum, an RPG and simulation game developed by sole developer James Bendon much like how Stardew Valley started.

If you are not familiar with the game, at heart Dinkum is a life simulator with town building elements, farming, fishing and just so much more. The game is inspired by classics such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

In Dinkum you arrive with a group of explorers to a previously unexplored island. You will be be able to let your creativity roam free as you place and build a home for yourself as well as helping other villagers create the house of their dreams.

James has recently released a first good look at the game revealing the feature packed life simulation game. In addition the trailer gives you a glimpse at the exciting multiplayer part of the indie game, as you can watch two people on a mining spree together.


Play Dinkum Now

Dinkum is currently available on Steam. A console release is currently not planned but may still happen in the future!

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