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Deiland Pocket Planet – Relaxing Farming Adventure Coming To Nintendo Switch

Deiland Pocket Planet aims to bring the adorable farming adventure to Nintendo Switch.

For the ones who may not be familiar with this title, Deiland the Pirates Moon is a relaxing farming adventure game that includes a wide varriety of sandbox like features such as farming, crafting and even building.

In Deiland you find yourself on a tiny planet that is yours to explore. It will be up to you to turn this tiny earth like rock into a thriving eco system. You will be able to plant and farm as much as you like and harvest resources to craft and build the structures you desire.

The game has celebrated a huge success on Steam where it is currently still available for PC and Mac. Developer Chibig, the same studio responsible for the highly praised Summer in Mara, are now bringing Deilands relaxing experience to Nintendo Switch.

The small development studio will be seeking funding on Kickstarter beginning October 6th and if you want to be part of this special project, you can already follow the page right here to get a notification ones it has gone live.


Deiland: Pocket Edition Release Date

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition is a Nintendo Switch exclusive and has no set release date for hybrid console just yet. I will be sure to update this article with more information as they become available.


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