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Decorate Your Virtual Home for Easter with Pocket Love

Customize You, Your Partner, Pet, and Home

Pocket Love is a mobile game where you can move into a tiny adorable home of your dreams! Start by creating your character and even your partner avatar, then choose to adopt either a kitten or a puppy. Once settled in, you’ll have thousands of customization options to choose from with regards to furnishing and decorating your home! Right now, you have the option to include Easter-themed items such as bunny plush toys, egg-plant trees, chocolates, and flowers!

Available Now for Mobile

Pocket Love is developed and published by HyperBeard and is available now! It’s still in the Beta version with a lot more to come but now is the perfect time to try it out with the Easter Event ending in 6 days. You can download the mobile game with Android here or for iOS here.

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