Cuphead finally gets a release date


Today at Microsoft’s E3, we got a release for MDHR’s Cuphead. Cuphead is due to release September 29th on Xbox One and Windows 10. Cuphead takes inspiration from the old school animation studios such as Disney, Van Beuren, and the like.

It was originally unveiled at E3 2014 and was expected to release in 2016. The release was pushed back to this year due to the growing size of the game. The game is a platformer with an emphasis on each boss you face.

In the game you play as either Cuphead or Mugman, with both single player and local-cop available, exploring Cuphead’s world in search of weapons, special abilities, and hidden unlockables in order to defeat a crazy number of brutal bosses.

MDHR also revealed during the conference that the game will be part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere program, meaning it can be bought on either Windows 10 or Xbox One and be played across both platforms.

Here is the trailer that was shown at E3

Source: Microsoft E3


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