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Critter Crops: Mystery of Mullery Mansion Has Spooky and Cute Companions

Craft Potions, Use Spells, Grow Critter Companions, Meet Ghostly Locals, and Explore a Mysterious Island

Much like our beloved Potions Paws and Little Witch in the Woods, Critter Crops: Mystery of Mullery Mansion is a game where you happen upon an abandoned magical place where you can cultivate the land.

You play as a young banished witch named Sylvie and grow crops that become critter companions, as well as explore and gather resources for potion-making. While uncovering the mysteries of Mutter Island, you’ll meet outcasts looking to find refuge from the Otherworld and you can offer them a place to stay. Befriend the ghostly inhabitants there and help them revitalize Mur Mur Town.

As for the aforementioned creature companions, all of them are Halloween-themed crops. For example, there’s a blueberry bat, a pumpkin cat, a mummified mushroom, and more! However, like Drake Hollow, you’ll have to be ready to defend your children from nasty Weeaters with spells.

Available in Q4 2022 on Steam and Q3 2023 on Epic Games and Switch

Critter Crops: Mystery of Mullery Mansion is developed by Skyreach Studio and published by Freedom Games. You can Wishlist this adorably spooky farming simulation RPG on Steam here or Epic Games here. If you want to back it on Kickstarter go here. The game is already funded but there’s still time to reach that Nintendo Switch port Stretch Goal! Don’t forget to try the demo while you’re there! *UPDATE: Switch confirmed 2023*



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