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Coral Island Eco Friendly Farming In Old Fashioned Way

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Coral Island is finally here and fulfills every dream and expectations I had about this farming game.

If you follow myPotatoGames for some-time you may know about my obsession with Coral Island. I have shared my love for the game since it was still in early development and I am so happy to see the game finally being played by so many players today.

In case you are not familiar with Coral Island, this indie game is a farming and life simulation game where you have to take the health of the environment into account – as you start out on an island and your task is simple – help restore the island to its former glory.

There are more than 70 villagers you can meet, befriend and even take the relationship a little further and find that special someone. As you may have guessed, each villager has its own quirky personality so pick and choose the ones you would like to invite into your life.

So much more than just farming

While the game features amazing farming abilities, tons of different crops and fun ways to make your garden thrive – there is a lot more to discover in Coral Island.


Meeting villagers is just the starting point, you can go fishing, explore the large beautiful island and even enter mines in hopes to find something valuable. You can also raise livestock or work on your ever growing farm to decorate and expand as much as you like to.

Play Coral Island today

Coral Island is a wonderful game and if you enjoy games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing this might just be the next game for you. take a look at Coral Island now in early access on Steam. Take a look at the latest gameplay trailer below!

If you like farming with a bit of magic and multiplayer take a look at the oh so cute Fae Farm.


myPotatoGames was founded out of our huge love for Animal Crossing, besides spending a lot of time taking care of my virtual village I enjoy painting, creating things or looking up funny and cute dog pictures on the internet. My preferred office location is somewhere on a remote island, in the middle of the South Pacific.


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    Coral Island Eco Friendly Farming In Old Fashioned Way