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Coral Island Devs Share Character Customization Video

The developers of Coral Island have shared a new video showing their expansive character customization!

For those that may missed it, Coral Island is an endlessly charming farming and life sim indie game that has a heavy focus on environmental awareness, particularly the protection of coral reefs. The game will give players a huge community to assist in growing, and to be a major part of.

Coral Island will also have many of the amazing features that we have come to love over the years from farming and life sim games; like relationships, town advancement, material resourcing, diving to help coral, you know…the classics.

In a recent Tweet, the developers shared a new video that gives fans a closer look at how in-depth the character customization is. The video goes into great detail, displaying the different skin tones, hair styles and lots of other features that will help you make a character that looks just like you, or anyone that you choose.

Coral Island Character Customization

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