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Coral Island – Beautiful Farming Sim Official Announcement Trailer

The developers of Coral Island have released an all new trailer for their environmentally-conscious, farming/life-sim game.

For those that may have missed it, Coral Island is a currently-in-the-works indie game with tons of charm and seemingly endless wholesome themes. This wonderful title has everything we have come to expect from the farming and life sim genre, like farming, ranching, dating and community interaction, but with a deeply meaningful and impactful story to guide the way.

Coral Island

Take to the seas to clear the rubbish from the coral reefs and make way for a magical and bustling plethora of flora and fauna. But don’t neglect your duties in the human world; take care of community events, go mining for precious materials, and mingle with the singles to help carve yourself a real spot in your new environment. If all this sounds just too good to be true, then don’t take my word for it, check out my interview with the development team to find out everything you’d need to know about Coral Island.

Kickstarter Announcement

At the end of the trailer, the developers also reveal that their Kickstarter campaign will be begin on the first of February. So if this game gets you as excited as it does me, soon you will have the opportunity to ensure that this game reaches its full potential. Be sure to keep an eye on the developers Twitter account for up-to-date information on the campaign.

Coral Island

For the sake of 100% clarity, here is their blurb from Steam describing the game in the words of the developers. “A re-imagined farm sim game inspired by classics. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend the islanders. Decide whether to revitalize not only the town but also the surrounding coral reefs. It may get tough, but stick with it, because the island is ripe for change.”


Official Announcement Trailer

More info

For more information on Coral Island, check out the official website for the game!

For more beautiful farming and life sim game currently in the works, check out my coverage of Ova Magica.

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    Coral Island – Beautiful Farming Sim Official Announcement Trailer