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Chucklefish’s Magic School Game – Spellbound Now Named Witchbrook

Stardew Valley’s Publisher is working on it’s next big project. Chucklefish is hoping to repeat the huge success of the beloved farming simulator. The CEO of Chucklefish announced today that project Spellbound has now received an official name. Spellbound was intended to be just a working title until the team would find a final name. The new name is Witchbrook, emphasizing the magic behind the game.  Witchbrook is expected to feature dating, exploration and of course magic! The new name also came with a cute new logo.

Take a look at the first logo of the game in the tweet below. If you want to learn more about the upcoming Spellbound, Oops, Witchbrook, head over here. There is also another magic school game in the works. Check out Ikenfell here. Last but not least, there have also been recent rumors that Witchbrook will come to Nintendo Switch.


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