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    The most adorable and middle spooky games to get you into the cozy fall and Halloween mood!

    As Halloween parties are being kept small this year (and being a lot little too old to go trick-or-treating), I had decided to get my sulk on, as opposed to getting my spook on.

    Horror movies scare me, I can’t watch the Gremlins, and even get the heebie-jeebies from The Grinch. I admit it. I am a bit of a scaredy-cat. But I do really LOVE Halloween and this time of year.

    So when I realized that candy is still abundant and mildly scary games perfect for Halloween exist, I was over the moon! Now, I’m super excited to curl up (in the warmth!) on the 31st, eat too many snacks, and play some of those slightly spooky games. So if you’re in the same boat as me, or are looking for something fun to do with kids, look no further!

    Here are some wholesome games with Halloween events and some standalone slightly spooky games you should play this Halloween.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Halloween Event

    Nintendo was very cryptic regarding the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event when it first launched. So cryptic in fact, that players had no idea what the seasonal event would entail, and many wondered if it would happen at all!

    But just when all seemed lost and Halloween canceled, Nintendo decided to casually drop the game’s fall update and even added new items this year around. And what an update it was! The introduction of real pumpkins, brand new eye and skin colors, Halloween costumes, and spooky furniture were just a few fab features from the update.

    *Pssst* If you haven’t already spook-ified your island, it’s not too late! Here are some spooktacular island tunes and flags, pumpkin patches, and decor ideas to inspire you before Jack is back.

    Be sure to check out your island between 5pm and midnight on the 31st to witness and participate in the spooky shenanigans occurring. Island residents will gather in the splendidly spooky-looking plaza at 5pm. You’ll also receive a visit from Jack, the “czar of Halloween.” If you indulge Jack’s sweet tooth and give him lollipops and candy, you’ll get spooky rewards in return.

    Ooblets – Halloween Event

    Ooblets is described as ‘a farming, creature collection, and town life game where you build up your farm, befriend townsfolk, grow Ooblets, and have dance-offs’.

    Developers and publishers of the indie game, Glumberland have been working their socks off to make the quirky little game the best that it can be. Excitingly, they released an early access version of Ooblets back in July of this year. Glumberland have been open about the game having some unfinished bits and bobs, and that players may encounter a few bugs. This is, however, to be expected in any early access game.

    How is this relevant to Halloween you might ask? Well, back in September, Ooblets posted some very exciting tweets about the next update for the game. These posts spoke of a new area (named Nullwhere) for players to explore in update 0.4. Spooktacular images of Nullwhere were shared in the below tweet, which confirmed a Ooblets Halloween update.

    Fast forward to October and fans got a (pretty darn awesome!) jump scare:

    The Ooblets Port Forward update is alive!

    To check out the new update introducing new recipes a new area and more, you can download the Ooblets early access here for $24.99. The game is currently only available on Windows, however, Glumberland hopes to release it on other platforms in the future.

    Night In The Woods

    Night in the Woods is an autumnal themed indie adventure game. Highly relatable to many, the game shows the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs. After the protagonist, Mae Borowski drops out of college and returns to her hometown, she finds things as gloomy and hopeless as ever. But this time, it’s even worse.

    As fall turns to winter, Mae notices that strange and eery occurrences are happening. And there’s definitely something in the woods. This charming game with a beautiful soundtrack and enthralling narrative is a must-play. Night in the Woods is playable on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox One, Android, Macintosh operating systems, and iOS.

    Night in The Woods is currently available on Steam, you can grab it here for just $19.99.

    Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

    Described as a cross between Harry Potter and Animal Crossing, Konami published Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times for Nintendo DS in Japan on the 12th of November 2008. The cute game hit the shelves in the US on the 11th of May 2009. Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times is a fantasy life simulation game for the Nintendo DS.

    After customizing the appearance, name, and gender of their character, players are able to attend classes at the game’s magic academy. During classes, players will learn spells and incantations, alongside their classmates. Some of the game’s more amusing features include dating other students, playing instruments with others, and pranking (and getting pranked by) others.

    When Mystery Time events are triggered in the game, however, things get a bit weird. On the 29th of October each year, a forced Halloween-themed Mystery Time event occurs. For added spookiness, the game also has a haunted house containing unfriendly ghosts and a ‘shady’ dude chilling in the graveyard (as you do!).

    Costume Quest & Costume Quest 2

    Costume Quest is a Halloween-themed party-based RPG game. The game was developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. The player controls a kid who is out trick-or-treating with their twin sibling. When a monster kidnaps their twin, the player must travel around the neighborhood and collect candy, items for their costume, and other children to aid them in fighting the monster and rescuing their sibling.

    The game released on October 19th, 2010, and is playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. The game’s sequel, Costume Quest 2 released on October 31st, 2014.

    If you haven’t already played them, you can grab them both as a bargain bundle for just $4.99 until November 3rd.

    The original Costume Quest (2010) game trailer

    Thimbleweed Park

    Thimbleweed Park is a pixel-art-stylized puzzle-mystery game. The tiny town of Thimbleweed Park is home to 80 very strange people. Five people with nothing in common find themselves drawn to the town. They are all connected, although they don’t immediately know it.

    Nor do these strangers know that somebody’s watching them. Despite the game featuring pixel graphics, with a rotting corpse, an abandoned circus, and a haunted house, the game is a far cry from Stardew Valley. The game is available to play on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Linux, and Mac.

    If you don’t yet own a copy, the game is discounted by 60% to just $6.99 on Steam until November 2nd.

    Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Luigi’s Mansion 3 released on Nintendo Switch on October 31st of last year. Considering its release date, players got a sneaky suspicion that Luigi’s Mansion 3 may be a good game to play on Halloween. They assumed correctly.

    Luigi receives a dream vacation package with Mario and friends to stay in a luxurious hotel. But the friends never seem to catch a break, right? Once at the hotel, King Boo (booo!) reveals that it was all a ploy and captures everyone! The hotel contains an abundance of uniquely-themed designs, puzzles, and, you guessed it: Ghosts. But with his new ghostbusting equipment with new abilities, Luigi’s got things in the bag. He thinks.

    Alternatively, you can play in co-op mode with one other player. After unlocking Luigi’s gooey doppelganger ‘Gooigi’, you can pair up in solving perplexing puzzles and ghostbusting ghouls. But the multi-player fun doesn’t stop there! For example, in the game’s ‘ScreamPark, you and seven others can play mini-games together on a single console. Additionally, you can gather a group of eight others, either online or via local wireless play in an attempt to conquer the ‘ScareScraper’.

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is an action adventure RPG game. The game initially released in Japan for PS4 on the 30th of November 2017. It then released worldwide on the 15th of May 2018. The game was developed by A+ Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is currently playable on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

    if you’re unfamiliar with Little Witch Academia, it is an anime series about a school for training witches, Luna Nova Academy. The protagonist of the series, Akko, is a Japanese girl from a non-magical background.

    In the game, you must uncover the mysteries at Luna Nova Academy with Akko and her friends. Players get to explore dungeons, cast spells, and use witchcraft, in order to discover the seven wonders, and solve the peculiar shift in time.

    Graveyard Keeper the Stardew Valley of Spooky

    Another addition to the list which is kinda like Stardew valley, but a bit darker is Graveyard Keeper.

    Graveyard Keeper is a simulation game set in medieval times, where players take on the responsibilities of a cemetery manager. You must gather resources and create your very own environment. To do this, you need to build and manage your graveyard, find ways to cut costs, and ultimately to help the dead find peace.

    Graveyard Keeper

    Perfect for Halloween, Graveyard Keeper has some elements of dark humor. Examples of this include, taking a break from graveyard keeping, and instead, participating in witch-burning festivals, or scaring locals into attending church.

    Making this game more Halloween-y, is the recent release of the Graveyard Keeper – Game of Crone DLC on October 27th.

    Graveyard Keeper Game of Crone DLC Features
    • 6-12 hours of extra gameplay.
    • Build your own refugee camp and bring it to prosperity.
    • Brand new bag mechanics!
    • Get access to new dishes, gravestones, fences, and to teleportation scrolls.
    • Deal with a vampire terrorizing a peaceful Village.
    • Unravel the secret of the mysterious death of your predecessor.
    • Find out even more terrible secrets abou your old and new friends.
    • Become an ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution!

    You’ll have to help the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the wilderness by providing them with everything they need. To develop their camp into a fortified settlement while keeping in mind its benefits. To protect those who entrusted you with their lives, from the sword and fire. And also – to untangle the circumstances of the cruel game, which turned into the Great Blast and the return of the Ancient Curse.

    Released on the 28th of October, also just in time for Halloween, is the Graveyard Keeper Strangers Sins DLC, which we covered here!

    The Graveyard Keeper Game of Crone DLC can be purchased for just $8.99 here. Alternatively, if you do not yet own the base game, at the time of writing, you can get a hefty 63% off the Graveyard Keeper Collector’s Edition here. For only $19.75, the Collector’s Edition contains Graveyard Keeper, Graveyard Keeper OST, Graveyard Keeper Artbook, Graveyard Keeper – Stranger Sins, Graveyard Keeper – Game of Crone.

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the mobile version of the much beloved Animal Crossing series. While it doesn’t offer the freedom of the console games, it still does a great job at delivering a super cute gaming experience.

    During the month of October there will be plenty of Halloween themed events with spooky furniture and decoration items that you can use to turn your campsite into the ultimate Halloween Haunted House. The Pocket Camp team does a great job making the entire month of October feel spooky and fun!

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    After receiving great feedback from one of my followers, I made a list of best cute games available for Switch.

    As I’m sure you’ve totally figured out by now, I really love playing cute games on my Nintendo Switch. Between the relaxation factor and the adorable graphics, I just can’t get enough of the Nintendo Switch. Now, I have put together a list of my favorite cute games that are currently available for purchase for the Switch. I hope you enjoy all these games as much as I do!

    Little Dragons Cafe

    Little Dragons Cafe home and farm
    Little Dragon’s Cafe

    Little Dragons Cafe is the latest game by Yasuhiro Wada the original Harvest Moon creator. In little Dragons Cafe players choose between a boy or a girl, who are twin siblings. You will be able to gather ingredients and cook recipes in order to run your very own Cafe. Furthermore players will be able to raise a dragon. A fully grown dragon can even be used as a method of transportation to reach far away spots on the map. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

    story of seasons friends of mineral town

    Despite there now being a rather saturated farming simulation game market, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town still manages to earn a place amongst popular games such as Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia. In my personal opinion, it even manages to surpass such games in certain ways due to it’s adorable simplicity. The game features a charming close knit town, harvest sprites with unique personalities, and is unburdened with too many anxiety-provoking features. ( MORE INFO HERE )

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch.

    Dragon Quest Builders 2

    Dragon Quest Builders 2

    The game combines the best from an RPG game and mixes the formula with a crafting and building game. For the first time players in Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be able to go on a journey with up to 4 players in an online multiplayer coop experience. Exploring, crafting, building and more are all part of the game and can now be enjoyed with your friends. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Stardew Valley

    Stardew valley Multiplayer PlayStation 4

    You’ve inherited your grandfather’s old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? [steam excerpt] MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Doraemon Story of Season

    Doraemon Story Of Seasons

    For the ones who are not familiar with Doraemon Story of Seasons, it is a crossover game that combines the best out the beloved farming sim Story of Seasons and the more adventure driven Doraemon. The game was already released in Japan back in July and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    My Time at Portia

    Start a new life in the enchanting town of Portia! Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land! [steam excerpt] MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Harvest Moon

    HM: Light of Hope

    In celebration of Harvest Moon’s 20th Anniversary comes an all new Harvest Moon title for Steam! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition! The game encompasses twenty years of the spirit that have made the franchise what it is today! [steam excerpt] MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch


    Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Switch

    For those with their head in the ‘clouds’, who have not yet played or heard of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, it is an aesthetic open-world adventure game. It was initially released for PC and PS4 on July 18th 2017. It will be released for Switch on 17th May 2018. The game can be purchased as a physical copy, or alternatively can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop for a reasonable $26.99. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening

    Zelda Link's awakening

    If you are like us, you just can’t wait to get your hands on the newly remastered version of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The adorable graphics alone are enough to keep us on the edge of our seat, waiting to find out exactly what else is new with this awesome epic classic. With the recently released fact sheet from Nintendo, we now know just a little bit more about what to expect. Not that we needed more than the beautifully polished graphics, that is. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Luigis Mansion 3

    Luigis Mansion 3

    Of course, you are probably all aware of this title that released just this past Halloween on the Nintendo Switch! I have been playing the game myself and do agree with other critics that it is the best game of the series to date in terms of graphics, gameplay including the new moves (Slam is my new fav), and Gooigi. Another significant addition that made all the difference, the game autosaves every time you walk through a door. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield

    Pokemon Sword and Shield is finally here for the Nintendo Switch as of November 15th, 2019! For those of you that will only be choosing one of those games and aren’t quite sure yet which one to go for, I’ve made a list of exclusives to help! There will be different things in either Sword or Shield which are as follows: Gym Leaders, Exclusive Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and Gigantamax Pokemon with a higher rate of appearance in Max Raid Battles. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Golf Story

    Golf Story

    Golf Story is an uber-cute and silly golfing simulator that combines the relaxation of golfing with the stress of crushing defeat looming in the shadows. Take pride in driving that little white ball all across the eight unique environments , cleverly designed to simultaneously inspire joy and rage! Enjoy going head-to-head with your friends in varied and select-able modes, difficulties and maps. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Cat Quest II

    Cat Quest II is a fast-paced open-world action RPG where you play as both a cat and a dog cooperatively. Explore a massive world filled with monsters, dungeons and quests, as you strive to bring peace back to your kingdoms during a time of war! See below for the newly released announcement trailer! This sequel returns to the world of Felingard to expand on the original with more explosive spells, expanded weapon options, an exciting new character switch mechanic, and local co-op! MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Disney TSUM TSUM Festival

    Disney's tsum tsum

    In case you missed it, Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is an exceedingly charming party game that features the Tsum Tsum versions of your favorite Disney characters. It was released in Japan back in October, and is finally releasing in the West on November 8th. The game is so cute, in fact, you can even purchase a themed console! MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    A Hat In Time

    A Hat in Time is a game that has maintained overwhelmingly positive feedback on Steam since its launch in late 2017. A few months after its Mac and PC release, it was also brought to PS4 and Xbox One, but there were no plans to bring it to the Nintendo Switch at the time. That has now changed! Very recently the news surfaced that it was not only confirmed to be coming to the Switch, but has a physical release date of October 18, 2019. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Super Monkey Ball Banana Blits HD

    Super monkey ball

    It’s been 5 years since we’ve had any entries into the Super Monkey Ball series, and 7 since we’ve had any on a console. Fans of the series won’t have to wait much longer to catch up with Aiai and the gang, though. SEGA has officially announced an HD remake of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz! MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Untitled Goose Game

    This stealth game with a simple premise and slapstick humor created by House House, has recently become an internet sensation, memes and all. I have been following along Untitled Goose Game’s journey since 2017 and have been preparing myself to honk at, annoy, and steal from all of the townspeople. Thanks to the developers, I was able to play a copy on the Nintendo Switch and I was not disappointed. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    Songbird Symphony

    Songbird Symphony

    In case you missed it, Songbird Symphony is an endlessly adorable side scrolling platform game with loads of heart. Go on a musical adventure of discovery to find what truly makes you special. Sing and chirp your way through a wonderful world full of adversary. Explore a beautifully rendered pixel world on a heartfelt journey to find your origins. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom

    The sandbox game features a large number of charactersthat you can interact with, making the environment feel more alive, the developer promises.  WorldNeverland – Elnea Kingdom has been out on mobile devices for quite some time now, and has seen more than 50 recent updates. Each one of them brought new features, improvements and more. MORE INFO HERE

    Purchase for Nintendo Switch

    What is your favorite Nintendo Switch Game?

    If I missed any cute games that you think should be added to the list, please let me know in the comment section below! If you need any other Switch related items, I’ve got you covered

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    Here are some of the newer games to Nintendo Switch that maybe you’d like to give a try!

    There is no doubt that we are all always looking for the next best thing when it comes to expanding our games library. There are so many wonderful gems out there, it can sometime be difficult to keep up. Especially in recent times, its not always easy to stay tuned with all the great games being released, so I put together a list of the best new Switch games that everyone should try!


    miitopia nintendo switch

    Miitopia is set to be a comedy filled adventure game that stars you and your family and friends. You can create your Mii to look exactly like you, or with the amazing customization options, just about anything in the world that strikes your fancy. Once you have a player that truly speaks to your character, you are ready to help your loved ones on a grand journey to find the mad, face-stealing antagonist, the Dark Lord.

    Spirit – Lucky’s Big Adventure

    In Spirit, you will play as Lucky, a courageous little girl that loves riding horses and exploring the world around her. With help of two brave and rambunctious friends, it will be up to you to find all the treasures in Lucky’s treasure map. And, of course, all of your exploring will be done on horseback.

    Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

    For those that may have missed this super charming little indie, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a game about exploring and enjoying the natural world around you. You take on the role of rambunctious youngster with the wholesome goal of documenting and protecting the environment. Alba is a brave young activists with aspirations of the highest order.

    Very Very Valet

    For some reason or another, the worlds greatest problem (one we all new was coming) at the moment is parking spaces. The world of the Valet has become a hostile one, and it’s a driver eat driver world out there. You will play the role of a puppet (with some “Fosters Home” vibes) Valet who must master the art of parking cars, and out maneuver up to three other players in a couch co-op battle.

    Horse Club Adventures

    The title of the game pretty much tells it all. You play as an adventurous young lady who, with the help of some friends, must run and care for their very own Horse Club. This ranges in duties for general horse care like feeding and bathing (and even hoof cleaning), all the way down to exploring a vast open world, and maybe even a little racing.

    The Colonists

    The Colonists is a nice, chill settlement building game with loads of charm. You control a fleet of cute little robots that are tasked with creating a new community on an unknown planet. Harvest resources, refine them, then use them to build a bustling city full of life and love. It is touted as being a relaxing game that takes much inspiration for games like The Settlers, so expect many detailed settlement-building features from this adorable indie.

    New Pokemon Snap

    The original Pokemon Snap was released for the Nintendo 64 back in 1999. Some of you may be too young to remember, but it was a huge hit and a major success in the Pokemon series. Certainly a unique game within the franchise, it is a first person “shooter” where the player adventures through unknown lands taking pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitats. The primary goal being to fill up Photodex with as many Pokemon as possible.

    Spongebob: Crusty Cook-Off

    Spongebob Krusty Cook Off Nintendo Switch

    SpongeBob: Krusty Cook Off Extra Krusty Edition goes beyond the traditional cooking game formula. In this title you will not only be the chef in a fast paced restaurant kitchen but you can also decorate and enhance the restaurant of SpongeBob SquarePants.In addition you are also free to explore Bikini Bottom, the home town of our lovable sponge friend. New restaurants will be added frequently and there are many areas for you to explore.

    Potion Party

    In Potion Party, you are tasked with running an Alchemy Shop. You will need to gather materials to craft potions that you may then sell. The more money you make, the more things you will be able to buy to upgrade your shop, resulting in a higher customer base. You will also unlock characters with different abilities that can help your shop grow even faster.

    These are just some of the wonderfully adorable games that have released recently on Switch. For more amazing Switch games, check out my list of Switch games everyone should own!

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    These games are a must have for any Nintendo Switch owners!

    If you own a Switch chances are you enjoy adorable and relaxed video games. The hybrid console is perfect to cozy up with a cup of tea and play some laid back video games.

    Of course there are must haves such as Animal Crossing New Horizons and Stardew Valley but there are many other games that have released for Switch over the years that have become forgotten gems!

    No matter if you are an experienced Switch owner or if you just joining the fun, here are some super cute games that you should consider adding to your games library.

    Layton’s Mystery Deluxe Edition Plus For Switch Announced

    The Deluxe Edition Plus combines Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and Millionaires’ Conspiracy Deluxe Edition Plus all in one big package. In the Plus edition you can change the voice acting between the original and the new one at anytime in the game.

    The game is iconic for its immersive gameplay, mysteries and overall amazing storylines.

    Learn more about Layton’s Mystery right here.

    Little Dragons Cafe

    Little Dragons Cafe is the latest game by Yasuhiro Wada the original Harvest Moon creator. In little Dragons Cafe players choose between a boy or a girl, who are twin siblings. You will be able to gather ingredients and cook recipes in order to run your very own Cafe. Furthermore players will be able to raise a dragon. A fully grown dragon can even be used as a method of transportation to reach far away spots on the map. 

    More info on Little Dragons Cafe right here.



    Spiritfarer has everything you’d want in a laid back, cozy up kinda game but this title features a storyline that will guide players through an emotional journey. Spiritfarer is essentially a game about dying – which makes time alive just so much more valuable.

    Even though the premises of the game sounds somewhat sad it is a very uplifting and fun adventure that you embark on. In Spiritfarer your time has become more valuable than ever and you choose how you want to spend it and more importantly, who you want to spend it with. Include your loved ones as you build up and decorate you very own ferry to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

    More details on Spiritfarer right here.

    Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

    Yonder marketplace

    For those with their head in the ‘clouds’, who have not yet played or heard of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, it is an aesthetic open-world adventure game. It was initially released for PC and PS4 on July 18th 2017. It was released for Switch on 17th May 2018. 

    More info on Yonder here.

    My Time at Portia

    The sequel for My Tome At Portia is already in the works but for now you can still enjoy this charming farming and life sim adventure!

    The simulation RPG developed by Pathea games is a title that despite drawing comparisons to other games of the genre such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Harvest moon, manages to carve out its own unique experience that is certain to find a committed and hardcore fanbase. 

    Players can fish, farm, mine, build, converse with townsfolk, get married, fight bosses and traverse dungeons. Moor features such as a while crafting system have been added since the game first entered early access. More updates are planned for the days, weeks and months to come.

    Learn more about My Time at Portia here.

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

    story of seasons friends of mineral town

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town is a remake of the much beloved and highly praised Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town that originally released on Gameboy Advance – many, many years ago! And now it is finally coming to Nintendo Switch with all new features and upgraded visuals!

    More details on the remake right here.

    Cozy Grove

    Cozy Grove

    If you enjoy the charm of games like Animal Crossing, Cozy Grove is an absolute must have. It takes place on a remote island where you spend your time building your home, fishing, farming and helping the ghost spirits around you.

    Learn more about Cozy Grove here.

    Cooking Mama

    Cooking Mama CookStar is a brand new Cooking Mama experience designed specifically for Nintendo’s latest console. CookStar offers over 90 incredible new recipes for players to master. The menu ranges from classic Japanese recipes to the most delicious home cooking and the culinary soul comforts of today. 

    Get some more yummy details on Cooking Mama here.

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  • svgJul 10, 2021Feature

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    Check out these Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley inspired games.

    Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley have captured the hearts of millions of fans, it just makes sense that more and more games try to combine the best out of the two.

    If you enjoy at least one – but lets be honest, most likely both of these adorable games, then there is a chance some of these hybrid games will sneak into your ever growing games library one day.

    Lets take a look at four carefully selected games that capture the spirit out of our two beloved games.

    Potion Permit

    In Potion Permit you find yourself in a cute quaint village filled with dozens of unique characters that may need just a little of your help as some of them encounter health issues. It is your job to accurately diagnose their symptoms and then go exploring to find the proper herbs to create a potion that will help them feel better. Potion Permit lets you build and decorate your home, adventuring, make friendships and so much more!

    Potion Permit is truly magical, if you love to fire up your cauldron head over here.

    Kitaria Fables

    In this game you jump into the role of a fully customizable kitten that may appear absolutely adorable but packs a bunch of powers that are needed to fulfill the many requests villagers may ask you to help them with.

    You find yourself in a village where you can also have your very own home. Whenever you hang out at your house you can customize the look and feel of your cat-tastic character. But the fun awaits when you leave your four walls. Villagers of all kinds are populating the cozy village around you.

    Kitaria Fables is coming to Nintendo Switch and all other major platforms.

    Coral Island

    You start the game by arriving as a newbie to a small island, with only five-hundred gold in your pocket. Luckily, that is just enough to buy yourself a farm to start a grand new life in this wonderful place. Get to know the locals and start to expand your farm to help the local community thrive. Do your best to create a magnificent ecosystem that will survive through the changing seasons.

    Take a closer look at Coral Island here.


    palia fishing

    Much like in Animal Crossing you will be able to build and decorate your house from the ground up. You are also free to roam the large open world in hopes to find a piece of land that suits you the most. Find a quite plot by the lake or climb the mountains and place your house high up in the sky with stunning valley views.

    In addition to placing, building and decorating your house you will also be able to grow a garden, plant and harvest crops as much as you desire.

    Check out the gameplay trailer for Palia right over here.

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  • svgMay 28, 2021Animal Crossing

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    With E3 around the corner lets take a look at a possible Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC Expansion.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is available for over a year now. After a seven years break between New Leaf and New Horizons the AC community was eager to jump into a whole new adventure on a brand new console.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons packs everything an Animal Crossing fans heart desires. Tons of items to collect, a big island to decorate and terraform, costumes content, adorable villagers and just so much more.

    But after a while fans noticed more and more the things we came to love so much from previous games that just weren’t included in New Horizons.

    Gaming has changed

    To understand the possible reason behind the lack of features we have to take a look at the gaming industry as a whole. Gaming has changed – New Leaf is a perfect example of this turn. When Animal Crossing New Leaf released it was considered a complete game and therefore there were no expectations of frequent content updates.

    Nintendo released one major update many years after its original release – Welcome Amiibo which added MEOW points and the campsite to be able to scan Amiibos. Every other feature found in the game today was there the day it launched back in 2013.

    New Horizons launched with a basic set of features with the promise that Nintendo would add more content in the future and deliver events via downloadable updates. While there were plenty of content updates in New Horizons first year, such as swimming in the ocean and seasonal items, the big hopes and dreams fans had were left unfulfilled.

    The return of Brewster, Kapp’n, multiple missing villagers, villager home visits, more shops, Club LOL and more are yet to be added to the game.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons most successful game in the franchise

    animal crossing new hoirzons sales records

    New Horizons has sold more than 33 million copies worldwide so far, which makes it the most popular Animal Crossing game ever released. It surpassed New Leafs seven year lifetime sales of 15 million copies within only 12 months.

    With a huge fanbase like this it is undeniable that Nintendo must have considered a DLC for the game. Other Nintendo games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, Zelda Breath of the Wold and even Splatoon a game developed by the Animal Crossing team has received paid DLC.

    Given how Nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole have changed, it may be very possible that the big N is currently working on a paid DLC. Based on prices for other Nintendo Switch games, this DLC would most likely be $19.99 and should come with enough content to justify the price tag.

    Would you be happy to pay for a DLC that could possible introduce more shops, Brewster, and other highly desired features? Perhaps something that is new to the Animal Crossing series?

    With most games now releasing with fewer features and more often than not even featuring micro transaction, I would personally welcome a DLC to make New Horizons the best and most complete game in the series.

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  • svgMay 11, 2021Animal Crossing

    Post Image

    The Miitopia demo has sparked a lot of creativity among fans.

    For the ones who are not familiar with the game yet – Miitopia was last available on Nintendo 3DS and celebrated much success among fans of cute adventure RPGs. The adorable game packed a lot of similarities with games such as Fantasy Life with many options to customize your very own journey.

    Miitopia has not even released yet but players are already putting the demo Nintendo listed on the Switch eShop to test. The Miitopia Mii creator unleashes an unlimited amount of options.

    Some fans of the game have created some of their favorite video game characters in the style of a Mii, Among those creations are Eugene from Animal Crossing that turned out especially well.

    But beyond just some of the most lovable Animal Crossing characters, players have made some breathtaking designs, take a peak below at some of the wonderful creations fans came up.

    Miitopia Release Date

    Miitopia will release for Nintendo Switch on May 21st. If you would like to get creative yourself, a free demo is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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  • svgMay 10, 2021Feature

    Post Image

    Harry Potter fan or not, these magic focused games on Nintendo Switch are a must play.

    There is never a bad time to play a spooky games with a heavy focus on magic and witches, even if Halloween isn’t right around the corner. I always feel in the mood for some more magical games and what better way to cozy up in the evening with some of the most fantastic and witch focused games!

    Take a look at these magic games that are currently available or will be coming to Nintendo Switch.



    Ikenfell is a pixel-art-stylised turn-based RPG game that features a group of troublesome magic students. The game utilises timing-based battle mechanics to allow players to power spells and block attacks. Ikenfell is set in a vast and mysterious magic school. Inside the school, players will encounter numerous monsters and bosses to fight, discover hoards of hidden treasure, and uncover dark secrets never meant to be discovered.

    Release date and availability

    Ikenfell is now available on the Nintendo eShop.

    Nine Parchments

    Nine Parchments

     In Nine Parchments, runaway apprentice wizards seek the elusive lost nine parchments in the hope of completing their spell books. The wizards acquire spells, but without learning the proper safety procedures that come with them. This hasty progress inevitably leads to a few fatal accidents.

    Release date and availability

    Nine Parchments is available on Nintendo Switch.

    Calico – Magical Girls Running Cat Cafe

    Running a magical cat cafe is not the only things that players can do. The game also incorporates enjoyable aspects from other popular gaming franchises such as Animal Crossing. Similarities between Calico and Animal Crossing include the simulation aspects of both games, and the ability to place furnitire and decorations in your buildings. A perk about Calico however, is that the animals will not leave, the shop never closes, and crops never die.

    More details, release date and availability

    Learn more about this adorable game right here

    Calico is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

    Witchery Academy

    Witchery Academy

    Witchery Academy is a fantasy life role playing game where you must complete tasks in a school for witches and wizards. Learn all the ins and outs of the magical world; like potion making and mastering a wide array of spells. 

    More details, release date and availability

    For more information about Witchery Academy, including a trailer – head over here.

    Witchery Academy has no release date yet but is expected to release on PC and Nintendo Switch.

    Little Witch in the Woods

    little witch in the woods

    In case you missed it, Little Witch in the Woods is an upcoming adorable indie game about living the life of a little witch that resides in the forest. Brew potions, resource ingredients, make friends and just enjoy your magical life in this beautiful world.

    The developers recently invited myPotatoGames to check out their game at the Busan Indie Connect Festival, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a demo review coming very soon. Until then, we have been given permission to share some new details that the developers have released for the festival. 

    More details, release date and availability

    The game is coming to Steam this year and is also planned for Nintendo Switch

    More info on Little Witch in the Woods.

    Witchbrook – The Stardew Valley of Magic

    In Witchbrook the player will take on the role of a student inside a magic school, something a Harry Potter fan might be familiar with. During the course of the studies, players will be on a path to discovering who they really are. 

    The game will take the player on a journey through various activities that all help you work towards a successful school life. Withcbrook offers a lot of side activities next to the very busy study schedule that players will have to master.

    More details, release date and availability

    Find out everything we know about Witchbrook – the Stardew Valley of magic right here.

    Witchbrook is coming to Steam and is anything but confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch. No official release date has been announced yet.

    Ova Magica

    Ova Magica is a super cute indie game that has everything a life sim lover could want. This captivating life sim has farming, crafting, resourcing and even a bit of creature collection with turn based battles! The developer of the game has recently successfully funded the game on a Kickstarter campaign, allowing her fans to be a part of the creation of this wonderfully charming upcoming adventure.

    More details, release date and availability

    The game is confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch this year.

    If you’d like to see more information including a gameplay trailer for Ova Magica, head over here.

    Pretty Princess Party

    For those that may have missed it, Pretty Princess Party is the official name of the Western version of Pretty Princess Magical Coordinate. In the game, you play as a budding princess who must learn all the things a proper royal lady will need to know for her tenure. 

    These things include horse racing, cake decorating and dancing. As you master these different royal attributes, you will unlock lots of goodies to decorate your castle, over 1,300 to be exact!

    More details, release date and availability

    Pretty Princess Part is now available on Nintendo Switch.

    Take a look at the trailer and some more information right here.

    Rune Factory 5

    Rune Factory 5

    For anyone not familiar with the upcoming RPG game, Rune Factory 5 begins by putting the player into a small town called Rigberth. You will become a Peacekeeping Ranger to protect your village. Marvelous already announced a bunch of new features coming to the latest installment of the popular franchise. One of the new additions is the ability to team up with townfolks to go exploring together. 

    More details, release date and availability

    Rune Factory 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch in May 20th, 2021 in Japan. A western release is planned for sometime later this year.

    Take a peak at the latest trailer showing of the town of Rigberth.

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