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    Mario has been bringing smiles and frustration to homes all around the world for 35 years now!

    Most of us grew up with one or more Mario games at our disposal. Nary a household could be found that didn’t either have Super Mario Bros. or Mario Kart. In one way, shape or form, we’ve all been at the helm of this mustachioed master as he bops endless baddies for our amusement.

    In a way, Mario has just as much helped to shape our society as some of the more major events throughout history. At an early age, Mario teaches us that if we just keep trying, and learning from our mistakes, we can overcome just about any obstacle. This lesson has been taught through countless video games spread across every platform that Nintendo has put out (and some it didn’t; i.e. emulators, mobile games and game mods).

    Mario Odyssey review

    The man, the legend.

    Over the years, Mario has evolved and found himself the centerpiece of many of medias greatest achievements, including giving John Leguizamo a role in what goes on to be critically hailed as one of the worst movies ever made about a video game.

    That being said, I personally thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And, like many of you, have loved just about everything that has had the name Mario ascribed to it through the years. Mario has now even put his own spin on the world of LEGO with a recent collaboration, and will soon be physically racing around in our own homes!!

    So I would like to extend a huge thanks to Nintendo for creating such a light hearted and wonderful protagonist, and say a huge…


    Celebrate Mario with a deal on games.

    For those of you that also love Mario, and wouldn’t mind a couple more Mario games to your Switch library, Walmart is currently offering 33% off of four different Mario games.

    • Super Mario Maker 2
    • Yoshi’s Crafted Wordl
    • Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
    • Mario Tennis Aces

    And don’t forget to check out how Nintendo celebrated Mario this year, by releasing a new remaster bundle of three fan favorite Mario Games; Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

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    Some of my favorite games are now being discounted thanks to Nintendos “Share The Fun” sale.

    Times are tough right now, no doubt about it. In a world where video games are the primary respite, but no one can really afford them, games sales are just about the one thing this dreary world still has offer as a glimmer of hope. It certainly appears that Nintendo feels the same way I do, as they have been rolling out sales left and right!

    This new sale seems to offer a whole bunch of wonderful multiplayer games at some pretty sweet prices. This includes, but is not limited to, some of my favorite cute games that are currently available on the Nintendo Switch. Games like Cuphead, Luigis Mansion 3 and Crash Team Racing are all now available at a more than fair price!

    My picks of games on sale!

    • Luigis Mansion 3 – Was: $59.99 Now: $41.99
    • Just Dance 2020 – Was: $39.99 Now: $19.99
    • Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games 2020 – Was: $59.99 Now: $39.99
    • Cuphead – Was: $19.99 Now: $15.99
    • Unravel 2 – Was: $19.99 Now: $4.99
    • Go Vacation – Was: $49.99 Now: $34.99
    • What The Golf – Was: $19.99 Now $14.99
    • Crash Team Racing – Was: $39.99 Now: $23.99
    • The Stretchers – Was: $19.99 Now: $13.99
    • Heave Ho – Was: $9.99 Now: $4.99
    • Puyo Puyo Tetris – Was: $29.99 Now: $17.99

    Of course, these aren’t the only multiplayer games that are in this sale. These are just all the cute ones that I personally like.

    Click here to check out the sale now on these games and many more!

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  • svgAug 27, 2020Animal Crossing

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    You can enter here for a chance to win an awesome bundle of Animal Crossing Themed merch for you and a friend!

    Do you love Animal Crossing so much that you can imagine nothing greater than to have your entire life totally Animal Crossing themed. Well, with my giveaway, you can get a few steps closer to achieving that dream for you and a friend!!

    If you enter this giveaway, you can win a full bundle of Animal Crossing themed goodies for you and a friend to stoke out your living space with memorabilia themed after the greatest game ever made, Animal Crossing New Horizons!!

    What’s in the giveaway?

    Each of the items in the goodies bundle can be found in my Etsy Shop. It all starts with an Animal Crossing themed Tiny Garden Pals, a little gardening kit with everything you need to grow your very own cosmo flowers.

    Tiny garden Pals Animal Crossing Themed Garden Kit

    There will also be some super cute joy con grips with Isabelle’s face on them. I am going to include a gift card set as well, that way you can send a special someone an Animal Crossing themed love note or holiday greeting.

    Animal Crossing New Hoirzons Thumbstick Grips

    To top it all off, nothing says fashion and function quite like an Animal Crossing themed tote bag to carry around all these new adorable goodies!

    *** I will be choosing one winner, and that winner will receive two of each item, so that you may share with a friend! ***

    - Animal Crossing Themed Mini Gar…
    Isabelle says “Hi” from her Tiny Garden Pal!

    How to enter!

    To be a part of the giveaway, you must complete all of the following steps:

    • Retweet this post on Twitter or share on Facebook.
    • Tag a friend in the comments you think might also want to win. (FB or Twitter)
    • Favorite my shop on Etsy.

    That’s it. Do these simple things and you will have a chance to win a whole bunch of super cute Animal Crossing goodies for yourself and some to share with another lover of ACNH!

    Click here to visit my Etsy Shop now!

    Click here to Retweet!

    Click here to share on Facebook!

    ** The winner of the giveaway will be chosen on September 1st, 2020. **

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  • svgJul 19, 2020Animal Crossing

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    You could win a totally adorable Bell Bag of goodies, full of ACNH themed collectables, for yourself and a friend.

    Do you love Animal Crossing New Horizons? Do you have a friend that also loves Animal Crossing New Horizons? Then this is the perfect giveaway for you. I have some pretty cool goodies all rolled into one great bundle to giveaway to one lucky winner, and the friend chosen by that winner.

    Other than playing the actual game, there is no better way to show everyone just how much you love ACNH than by amassing collectibles, and sharing some with your friends! What is in this amazing bundle, you ask?

    How To Enter

    Simply like this post, share it, and Tag a Friend on

    (Click here for) Facebook!

    (Click here for) Twitter!

    The giveaway begins on July 19th, and the winner will be announced on July 24th, via a post on myPotatoGames.com.

    One winner will be chosen, and the person tagged by that winner will also get a Bell Bag of Goodies!

    Both the winner and person chosen by the winner must reach out within 48hrs of announcement.

    U.S. only please. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    Grab the Bell Bag of Goodies here!

    If you don’t want to take your chances with the giveaway, the bundle among other Animal Crossing themed items is also available for a limited time right here.

    Animal Crossing Themed Bell Bag

    Made with super soft and beautiful cloth, these Animal Crossing bell bags make for perfect decor, and also function to hold any special items that fit. Say you’ve got some plushies that mean too much to be exposed to open air. Maybe you’d like to just fill it with tissue paper and place it on the shelf for all to see. However you choose to use it is up to you! The little bag even features a pretty ribbon for sealing purposes.

    Animal Crossing Themed Tiny Garden Kit

    Tiny Garden Pals are miniature cute planters that feature a small scene themed around your favorite Animal Crossing characters. While you may grow whatever you please in the pot, the planters will come with their own Bermuda grass seeds, an easy step-by-step guide on how to properly treat it, and the soil needed to grow your new little garden pal.

    - Animal Crossing Themed Mini Gar…
    Isabelle amiibo not included (sry)

    Isabelle Themed Joycon Grips

    Pretty self explanatory. Add a little ACNH pizazz to your console with these Joycon grips featuring the face of one of the most iconic Animal Crossing doggos, Isabelle. See that adorable little first before anything else as you boot up your own slice of paradise, finally on the Nintendo Switch.

    Animal Crossing New Hoirzons Thumbstick Grips
    Switch not included (sry)

    Animal Crossing Bookmark

    For those that still read for leisure, or are still enrolled in school, I wanted to include a cute little bookmark that is also Animal Crossing themed. It features some of AC’s best characters, and has a cute ribbon through the school that looms over all. It even comes in its very own little Animal Crossing themed pocket. Both the bookmark and the housing will be laminated! Yay, shiny!

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  • svgFeb 27, 2020Event

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    Happy Pokemon Day to all the Pokemon fans out there. The Pokemon of the year is Greninja!

    Today is national Pokemon Day, and Pokemon fans the world over are all celebrating in their own way. Whether that is dusting off the old consoles to get a little nostalgia gaming in, or booting up the Switch to do a little exploring and creature collection in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

    Pokemon Day

    However you decide to celebrate, try to include a game that features some of the line-up from Googles Pokemon of the Year competition. The top ten features a pretty impressive line-up from some of our favorite Pokemon games. You may even be surprised as to who did not make the cut!

    Top Ten Placements

    1. Greninja
    2. Lucario
    3. Mimikyu
    4. Charizard
    5. Umbreo
    6. Sylveon
    7. Garchomp
    8. Rayquaza
    9. Gardevoir
    10. Gengar

    Congratulations to the dark water-type Greninja on winning and becoming most popular Pokemon of 2020.

    If you are a Pokemon fan like me, you should check out the indie creature collection game Temtem.

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  • svgJan 4, 2020Event

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    After much enthusiasm of late, it seems necessary to take a stand to see more Magicians Quest in the West.

    Magicians Quest

    After such a huge response from the community, it seems that now is the time for action. Having only gotten to play Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times on the Nintendo DS, and none of the sequels, we must stand together to see that our magical adventures continue right here, in our home hemisphere. With enough support, it is possible that we may just get to see Magicians Quest on the new cool platform on the block, the Nintendo Switch. It is never too late!

    What is Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times?

    Described as a cross between Harry Potter and Animal Crossing, Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times originally released in Japan on Nov 12th of 2008, and finally made its way west on May 11th, 2009. The game was released on the Nintendo DS, as were its sequels, although the sequels were only ever released in Japan.

    Magicians Quest

    Pretty much the only real criticism that the game received was that the game could be a bit confusing at times. Also, some people thought that it bore too close a semblance to Animal Crossing, and was a near blatant ripoff. Although, it seems to me that it is just its own beautiful game, with a few features that Animal Crossing has never had.

    However, mislabeling as a ripoff did not stop the popularity of the game. As previously mentioned, the game spawned three more titles that never saw their way west. It seems a real shame that ought to be corrected.

    Magicians Quest Preview

    The gameplay in Magicians Quest is pretty expansive, from character customization to being in relationships, this game has it all. You can even start a band with the other villagers, if you so choose. There is never a shortage of relaxing and fun things to do in Mysterious Times.

    For those that never tried Mysterious Times.

    Remember, this game came to the west over ten years ago and was released on a platform that is no longer in production. However, there are still ways to get your hands on this title today, as well as the Nintendo DS console. You can easily purchase the game online through GameStop (pre-owned $19.99), Amazon (pre-owned $87.95) or Ebay (pre-owned $70.00). As for the Nintendo DS, you can still find refurbished versions of the console on Amazon as well.

    Help bring more Magicians Quest to the west.

    The ultimate goal would be to band together to get Konami to make an all new Magicians Quest and have it release on the Nintendo Switch here in the west. However, I really wouldn’t mind just seeing the game ported to Switch, and have English versions of the sequels come to Nintendo Switch as well. With enough support from the community, we can at least start the conversation and plant the seed.

    The first steps have already been taken by you! The clamor of the fans inspired the creation of this petition. You can now be a part of this change and sign the petition to have more Magicians Quest games available in the Western Hemisphere. If we all join together, we can convince Konami to do what is right. Get them to listen to the fans. Whether a new game, translated/ported sequels, or just planting the idea, we can just a step further to do our part to make this change in the world.

    Go even further by clicking here to sign the petition!

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  • svgDec 26, 2019Animal Crossing

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    In the spirit of the ongoing Holiday season I would like to extend the season of giving by sharing an Animal Crossing Tote Bag with a bunch of goodies!

    This handmade bundle includes a bunch of Animal Crossing themed items. First of all there is a Tote Bag made from Organic cotton featuring an adorable Animal Crossing print. The plushy bell bag can be filled with bells or anything else you like to store in there, its incredibly soft!

    The Laminated bookmark is for anyone who enjoys relaxing with a cup of tea and a good old fashioned book made from paper! Last but not least you will also receive a laminated high quality sticker pack featuring some of your favorite Animal Crossing Characters!

    How to enter!

    Simply follow myPotatoGames on Twitter and Facebook and make sure to retweet this Animal Crossing Tote Bag tweet! If you’d like to enter on Facebook share this post so I know you’d like to participate!

    If you enter on both platforms you will be entered into the drawing twice! Best of luck to everyone!

    Animal Crossing Bell bag

    The winner will be randomly selected!

    The winner will be randomly selected on Saturday December 28th! Best of luck to everyone!

    If you can’t wait for the giveaway to end, you can grab yours here already!

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  • svgDec 8, 2019Animal Crossing

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    I’d like to share my love of Animal Crossing this holiday season by giving away some of my favorite collectables from Aitai Kuji.

    As it is for so many, this is my favorite time of year! The spirit of giving and sharing is in full swing. This holiday season, I’d like to do my own bit of sharing by giving away some of the cutest Animal Crossing merch currently available.

    I have quite a few goodies that I’ve acquired from Aitai Kuji, a go-to site when it comes to gaming memorabilia. They have everything you need in regards to gearing up with your favorite games’ swag.

    My three weeks of giveaways include..

    Since I have so many great things to share, I figured I’d spread the love out from now until Christmas Day. There will be three giveaways, each ending on the next three Wednesdays.

    Animal Crossing Merch

    The Week One giveaway will include…

    • 2x Mystery Amiibo
    • Animal Crossing Sticker Book
    • Personalized Animal Crossing Sticker Pack

    …and the winners will be picked on 12/11/19.

    Items included in week 1 of Animal Crossing Giveaway

    The Week Two giveaway will include…

    • Timmy and Tommy Ceramic Plate
    • K.K. Slider Hand Towel
    • New Leaf Emblem Kitchen Apron
    • Brewster Coffee Pot

    …and the winners will be picked on 12/18/19.

    Items included in week 2 of Animal Crossing Giveaway

    The Week Three giveaway will include…

    • Tom Nook New Leaf Pillow
    • Isabelle Alarm Clock

    …and the winners will be picked on 12/25/19.

    Items included in week 3 of Animal Crossing Giveaway

    This means that ten winners will be picked between this Wednesday and Christmas Day!

    How to enter..

    There are two steps to enter the giveaway.
    First, you *must* share this post on Facebook. Secondly, you can either

    Learn more about earning tater-tots by clicking here!

    This is a bigger link to the holiday card set and Tote / Bell Bag of Goodies!

    *If your name registered on myPotatoGames differs from your Facebook name, you will need to reach out to me (via Email, Twitter or Facebook or comment below if you are comfortable) if you are chosen as a winner. This is for me to ensure that everyone has met the required criteria.

    *If you choose to enter by purchasing an Animal Crossing holiday card, be sure to mention the giveaway in your Etsy order.

    *The giveaway is restricted to U.S. only, sorry for any inconvenience. No purchase necessary to enter.

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