Cat Quest has been immensely popular amongst gaming and cat fans – and everything in between. The first game of the popular franchise has sold 500.000 copies so far across all platforms. It comes at no surprise that a sequel is slated for a release late this year.

Cat Quest features and open world cat-triffic experience with many quests to take on, and dozens of fun characters to interact with. Cat Quest II will feature a local coop mode so that you can team up and play with your friends. Players will be able to enjoy a split screen experience and explore the open-world cat universe, adventure on quests, and learn more about the lore of this furtastic world together.

The Gentlebros, developers behind the game have announced that Cat Quest II is slated for a 2019 release. They did not reveal which system will receive the sequel to the adorable cat game first! Cat Quest (not the sequel) is currently available on Steam, Nintendo Switch. Playstation 4, Android and iOS.

For now we will have to make do with the – oh so cutsie – reveal trailer of the game.

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